Using AmEx gift cards for seed purchases

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    For some reason whenever trying to purchase seeds, my card gets declined. I bought a $40 American Express gift card from Walmart in the goal of purchasing seeds online. But every site I used (I made sure AmEx was an accepted payment) declined it. The only one that temp went through was the vault, but to my disappointment was declined a couple hours later.
    Is it declining because I'm trying to buy seeds? And if so, is there any site anyone has used a card similar to mine on that worked for them? I've made sure I'm not overcharging which would of made the order declined, but it still doesn't want to go through.
    Thanks for the help
    (If international charge is the issue, are there any seed banks in the US, ship from US to within US that sell for quality for good prices

  2. This is the same issue that I was experiencing in Canada. I now have a prepaid visa and a prepaid MasterCard I can't use. Sites tend to need one or both of the following

    1. Purchase must be made to a company located in your country (USA)

    2. The card must have a name and address registered to it.

    Both of these are frustrating as hell...

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