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Using a Sploof?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justin1020304, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. i made a homemade sploof with a roll of cardboard from paper towels and i put about 3 of them inside of it and place 2 at the end of it and put a rubber band on the end. Im trying not to stink up my house or the neighborhood. do you think if i used the sploof and blowed the smoke out of the window it would give a strong scent still? or should i use the sploof and blow it into the closet? (has no clothes in it) and then put a towel underneath my bedroom door? Smoking outside isnt a option right now. plus i have bad paranoia sometimes and it ruins my high
  2. If you stuff you sploof with drier sheets the smoke you blow out of it will smell like dryer sheets!

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  3. Sploofs help with the smell a little but you have to keep changing the drier sheets every so often. I always get a sort of drier-sheet/weed smell from them so I don't recommend smoking with just a sploof to cover up smell (plus there'll be smoke that comes off the bowl etc). What one of my friends did is he took a large soda bottle, cut up a bunch of drier sheets (so that almost 1/4 of it was filled with dryer sheets). Then he put some holes in the bottom of the bottle. You'd blow smoke into the bottle from the top where the cap would be, then put your hand over the top and shake the bottle so the cut up drier sheets and the smoke mixed, and drier-sheet smelling air would come out. We used to smoke in his room like this and it was fine.

    However, you still would need to change the drier sheets, and I would recommend smoking in a bathroom where you can run a shower or turn on the fan in the ceiling after to get rid of smell, as well as using a sploof.
  4. I always used the shower method and sploof when i had to cover up the smell.

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  5. Here's what I do. I get a water bottle or Gatorade bottle( works better and bigger) poke holes in the bottom and stuff the inside. When I say stuff it I mean stuff it. I generally use about 20+ sheets cause when you use a little bit of sheets you can smell the weed clearly and it has a hint of dryer smell. The more sheets you use the better but don't over stuff the bottle cause then it's hard to blow through. The bottle should last you a lot longer than the roll would too
  6. What these guys said basically. I would user dryer sheets not paper towels and a bottle is better than a paper towel roll. I say it cuts the smell down by 60% , and the remaining smell is easy to take care of with body spray, air freshener, ozium, incense, candles, diffuser, cooking something, etc. Basically anything to provide a smell noticeable than the remaining weed smell. I found this incredibly effective. Remember, weed is potent, but does not linger. The best way to get rid of weed smell is time, and it will enhance the effectiveness of any other smell-reducing method. Good luck, and stay safe.
  7. The nose is the hardest organ to fool because the olfactory bulb is so crucial to the brain. The act of covering up your scent is what leads to your paranoia. But then again, that is common for many stoners.
  8. one hundred percent just use a sploof and smoke out of a pipe even then its dodgy, I just moved home lately to save money and my parents are always on about the smell in the the house coming up the hall so it helps but definitely does not kill the smell.
  9. It's not gonna do much just being paper towels. They need to be dryer sheets, and it's like $3 for a big pack of them. It works really well for a one hitter, but whenever I use my bong there is definitely a noticeable smell left behind (it's not like a bud smell, it's more like a severely burnt popcorn kind of smell). If you don't wanna go out and get sheets, then you probably shouldn't smoke at all since you're that paranoid.

    I do have a really nice room setup though, there's a little hallway that leads to the door, and an air vent right above where the hall is that blows towards the window :). Having control of my own room AC, I'll just lower it a little when I toke so it's blowing constantly
  10. Google smokebuddy. It's a handheld carbon filter. I got mine at a local smoke shop for 21 bucks. it works amazingly. Absolutely no smell comes out whatsoever. I just rip my bowl put my thumb over the embers and exhale into the smokebuddy. Bam. No smell.

    Hope that solves your problem.
  11. Definitely agree with downsouth710. I used to use a sploof but it felt like I was breathing in chemicals whenever I'd exhale into it. I picked up a smokebuddy and it's amazing.
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