Using a PrePaid for GC Shop

Discussion in 'General' started by wiggity, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Well This may be my first post on GC, but I do read through the site daily.

    Anyways I purchased a visa giftcard to buy this: Blaze Glass

    I have been looking for months to get my first glass piece, on GC as well as local shops and I set my mind on this.

    As most of you could care less about that or the thought process I've gone through to get to that piece I will arrive at my question. I am trying to use the Pre Paid Debit card that "Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted" and It gives me an error after trying to process through GC's shop. Is there a certain brand of Prepaid that has worked for anyone that's tried? I got this one from walmart...

    Any help is much appreciated, and thank you.

    Also love these forums.<3

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