Using A New Soil For Transplant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greenergrassova, May 22, 2013.

  1. If i ran out of soil, can i use another soil to fill around my root ball?

  2. Yeah you can. I start my seeds off in Light Warrior then when their big enough and ready for nutes I transplant them into Ocean Forest soil. Just avoid any soil that has time release nutes in them it messes with the soils PH and can cause problems.
  3. Thank, i was thinking that. 
  4. Great plants start with great soils.. don't cut corners here.. Fox Farms Ocean Forest.. it's the one my local hydro store sells the most of by a 3 to 1 margin.. and I'm personally extremely happy with the results... should be around 12 to 15 bucks a 1.5cf bag
  5. I have pretty much Always use FFOF but sometimes I do notice it can run a little hot.  Plus if the strain I'm growing is a heavy feeder I always have to sup Ca/Mg.  Never had pH problems with FFOF though always runs around 6.3-6.6.  This last grow I tried a new soil (for me anyways) called Basement.  It's a little more expensive than FFOF @ $20 per cf.  I'll write a review after my first grow with it... but so far love it!!
  6. Some seedlings can handle Ocean Forest and some don't to me its not worth taking the chance. Fox Farms Light Warrior is made for seedlings and their Happy Frog I heard also works good with seedlings. This last batch of seeds I tried about a 50/50 mix of Light Warrior and Ocean Forest soil and sofar they are doing good. Both the bags of soil what was left in them have been sitting around for a while and got pretty well dried out so the organic nutes in the Ocean Forest may have weakend, figured it was worth mention though. I know a few other growers that use Happy Frog for seedlings with no problems. All the soils mentioned are made by Fox Farms. As for adding Calmag that's something that most store bought organic soils, base nutes and supplements don't add much of  at all.
  7. I use FF Happy Frog for seedlings.  Never a problem after they come up.

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