Using a mortar and pestle to grind weed

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by El Jugador, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, just got a mortar and pestle for a little legit chemistry. But before I use it I wonder...could this be used to grind up weed? And how well?

    And for those of you who don't know a mortar and pestle is a, usually white, two piece instrument to grind up chemicals, shown below.


    Yes, you just grind up what's in the bowl with the little stick pretty much. Really effective.
  2. Sure you could, but it wouldn't be a great way to do it. You'd wind up leaving a ton of trich resin behind and it's not very gentle.
  3. lol and to think i thought a mortar was used for breaking down herbs.
  4. It would work but you'd lose alot. Yes, I've tried it i have two mortar and pestle's. I didn't like the effect. So I'll stick with the diamond grind.
  5. that wuold be a trip and a half i would feel like a mad scientist or some shit

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  7. Another thread that makes me wonder why I read these forums. I think you should have to enter credit card info and show an id to be able to register. Are these people just idiots or are these idiot 12 year olds?.... Sometimes I can't tell.
  8. Nice coming from a guy with 2 posts.
  9. Well, feel free to stop anyday! I'm sure no one would mind.

    And I DO have a credit card, which I've used to purchase several things from THIS site. But hey, guess what? I didn't always have one, and if you have something that is meant for grinding ALREADY AT YOUR HOUSE, you'd think if you don't know you'd ask about it, which I did, here. So if you don't like it, go ahead and get you and your 2 posts out of here :rolleyes:
  10. qft. :smoke:
  11. lol bro, why would you squash weed? you kinda shouldn't even handle it to much with your fingers... (i'm not entirely sure on that though, some people tell me its ok, and some people tell me it wastes THC)

    get a grinder...
  12. HAHA m and p thats crazy id feel weird using it . but i guess if thats all u have try it out and see how u like it good luck !
  13. I did. Several weeks ago.

    Now I see why replying to old threads is looked down upon.
  14. I just bought a mini morter and pestle for like 3 bucks...for the use of weed.. .now i am reading that its not a good thing to use? El Jugador did it work well? please let me know
  15. 1) It's not a good thing to use. It crushes the trichome heads too much, use a grinder or scissors.

    2) Stop bumping useless threads from 8 months ago.
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  17. One of my relatives uses a big ass mortar and pestle to crush his bud, i tell him to just cut it up or pick it apart. That method is worse then with scissors or by hand.
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