Using a moisture meter?

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  1. I have been told BOTH and wondering what the consensus here say? Do you push the pins into the stem or a compacted bud when you take the measurement? Would the stem give better consistent results? Thanks all!
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  2. i didnt find the tool valuable and reliable enough via either method.
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  4. Your finger is the best moisture meter you can get. Stick your finger in the soil, if it’s wet don’t water it. If it’s dry then water it. You’ll be able to feel the moisture and if the soil sticks to your finger a lot you know, like the consistency of it.
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  6. That's for measuring lumber moisture, not bud moisture.

    Get a humidity meter or hygrometer. Stick your bud in a sealed container with it. Let it set there for several hours. Whatever the hygrometer settles at is your buds moisture level.
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