Using a mesh shade all day on the hot summer days

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  1. Hey guys ,

    I been having some long stretches of hot summer days. Plants are looking a little beat up from the sun. I work 14 hour days so can’t be there to put shade mesh on when the sun is at its hottest.

    Can I run a shade mesh all day? Will it harm the plant much?

  2. You can have it up all the time. Might get less yield if it blocks too much light though. Better less than none at all.

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  3. Right on thanks!
  4. You could always place the sun shade in a particular, small area, so that's it's effective only within a certain time period of the day...
    My wife and I use a woven sun shade cloth for our flower garden (non-cannabis flowers, that is!), but it's set up in a way where it only blocks the sun from about 12pm-5pm.
    We put a couple of long poles in the ground and then marked out where the shadows lay during the hottest parts of the day and used that as a guide for where to hang the shade cloth.
    It takes a bit of experimentation to get it right and we have it set up in a way that we can adjust the dimensions to suit the season, but it worked well for us.

    They also sell sun shade fabrics rated to various shade percentages... 30% up to 90% usually, so you can really fine tune how much sun you need to block, and for how long.
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  5. IMG_20190722_161410.jpg
    I prefer white woven shade cloth
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  6. That's nice, you have a link to purchase? What it run ya?
  7. I bought mine from a local nursery called Wyntour Gardens. I bought a 6' x 500' roll for a couple hundred bucks. But it is easily acquired from most nursery shade cloth websites. Mine is 20% shade and made of recycled soda bottles.
  8. After I run my Pepsi bottles through a wood chipper what do I do next?
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  9. I guess now you make plastic strings that are a thousand yards long and take a knitting class.
  10. You just assume I don't know how to knit or make long strands of plastic? Well you're right! Some kind of psychic are ya?

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