using a food dehydrator?

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  1. I'm approaching my first harvest and wondering if you can use a food dehydrator to dry/cure buds. I think I have one for beef jerkey and fruit and shit
  2. Do not do this you will regret it trust me
  3. How bout an explanation
  4. I did it with my bud cuz I figured I'd experiment and it got way too dry and lost alot of weight and the smell is almost non existent and smells like hay it looks dank going in but like shit when it comes out because it dries the whole bud so fast and having constant heat on the buds destroys the thc trichs even on the lowest setting I'd say go with the slow dry method and cure in jars and maybe try a nug or two in the dehydrator if you get ansy and want to smoke before cure is done or try another quick cure method
  5. Good info thanks
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    Sorry to say, but, Forrest.. You are wrong.
    I used my food dehydrator at every harvest for multiple purposes and only once had a bad result. You just have to make sure you keep an eye on your bud, and have it on the lowest setting possible.
    I loved using my dehydrator on the best nugs I clipped off the plant so I could smoke them sooner then the rest of my bud that I hang dry and jar cure.
    Ever dehydrator is different though, that's what you have to remember. Some lower settings suck so you have to turn it up a little and some low settings are hot as shit and dry out the bud way too fast and you end up with the bud Forrest described.
    I normally put the buds in the dehydrator for 2-4 hours on the lowest setting, I'd keep an eye on them during that time and after the 2-4 hours I would let them sit for a few hours in the dehydrators while it's off and then throw them in jars for a few day's burping them so they keep their flavor.
    My dehydrator actually died cause I'd use it too much.
  7. Yeah I'm just saying from my experiences, Id never do it again but that's just me. Slower they dry the better they smoke. But it is all good, the dehydrators are more for an immediate smokage
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    A comfortable-low temperature, and longer drying period, without light exposure, produces the best herb for flavor and potency, and overall quality in general, hands down.

    Cannabis plants produce and lose much of their terpene and flavanoid content on a daily basis.

    Even aside from cannabinoids, these over 120 other and more fragile phytochemicals have analgesic, sedative/narcotic, euphoric, anti-cancer/anti-mutagenic, anti-spasmodic and a plethora of medicinal and recreational qualities and properties, all of their own. They are also responsible for that great odor and flavor your herb has. ;)

    It's precisely why your plants are stinkier in the late evening a few hours after dark, and during the early hours of the morning just after lights-on, than they are closer to 'lights-out' after a long day. Heat and light, degrade flavanoids and terpenes, and cause them to evaporate.

    This is why it's recommended to harvest first thing in the morning, late in the evening, or even after a slightly extended period of darkness! :yay:

    It's also why we jar our buds up after drying, and why we keep the jars stored in cool, dark locations, to preserve the flowers, their phytochemicals, and to encourage the best cure.

    Once cut, and the plant begins to die, if those terpenes dissipate due to improper drying methods, they are gone for good... the plant won't generate more once it is dead. This is just a simple fact of plant physiology.

    If attempting to dry properly causes you issues, and if a food dehydrator somehow provides you with better results than hanging and waiting, it just means you have some serious issues to hammer out in your drying room. You want it dark, cool, and well ventilated.

    After months of patience, and after devoting so much time, energy, and tender care to your plants, you certainly do NOT want to cut corners right at the end and speed up the drying process with forced wind-flow or raised temps, which is precisely how food dehydrators function!

    That's tantamount to putting your good herb in the oven, at its lowest setting, to dry it out! :p

    Food dehydrators, ovens, and other speed-drying methods are last resorts, when you need or want to sample a bit of smoke, ASAP.. they're not for drying your entire crop. :)
  9. Hit the nail on the head bad kitty.
    I'd only use my dehydrator for the small amounts, popcorn nugs and a like. Not anymore since the dehydrator died though. I let the rest hang dry and use pickling jars for the curing. Nothing beats slow dried, long cured herb :) it's more then worth the wait.
    But for the small amounts I'd usually use the dehydrator just for the sake of it, a couple hours in and there's some herb to smoke. But most of the time the popcorn nugs went in my trim pile to make butter.
    I used to use the dehydrator when I first started to grow and was too anxious to wait to smoke. But now I take my time to ensure I keep all of my flavor and aroma.

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