using a fogger as a dehumidifyer

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by GaNjAKiNG707, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. i think that it will work real good to neutralize the heat content in the grow room i have a new design i will be posting here shortly its basically a plexi glass grow box with 360 degrees of light for all of the plants dimensions are going to be 5x5x8 to get around 20-25 plants in the plexiglass area and i will be tinting the plexiglass to help retract light towards the plants the fogger will counteract with the basic heat lamp causing a little misty feeling to the plants getting them more throughly watered
  2. don't you mean you'd use the fogger as a humidifier?.....if it's keeping the plants moist??........if it takes moisture away then it's a carefull though, as too high a humidity will lead to fungs and mold problems.........50-60% for veg and 30-40% for flowering, is the way i do for the glass thing, are the lights inside or out?.......and how are going to flower them, do you have a cover or something?..........Peace out........Sid

    ps usually a heat lamp isn't needed, unless your growing in people have the opposite problem, keeping the heat down, as the HPS gives off a fair bit

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