Using a desktop pc power supply to run all your pc fans!

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  1. Okay, i decided to figure out how to run my 120 mm fans and all i could find was folks chopping any transformers they could find that had a 12volt dc output myself included.
    And in a hazy stuper i said why cant I use one of the power supplies from an old pc tower. And what happened i did the old search

    and found out you could use a pc power supply to power anything 12volt dc and more than you could possibly want to run!

    To sum it up:
    1,The power supply will have 1 green wire, a bunch of blacks/yellows/orange Take the green and any black and tie together/scotchlock/wirenut etc. That tricks it to be on and poof you have juice going thru the power supply now.
    2, Cut and pull free as many yellow and black wires you would need to run your fans 1 black 1 yellow for each fan unless you want to run several fans off 1 (which works) I like the dedicated rail idea so each fan has its own more stable current
    3, On the pc fans you only need the black and red wire so you can cut back the yellow.
    4, Prep all your wire ends and scotch lock/wirenut them together.
    5,Plug and Play :)

    The best part its easy quiet and low energy. I run 4 120mm fans all with there own power line all going to the power supply designed to run the fans!
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