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Using a Crock pot to infused THC to Peanut butter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mjcapo, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Anybody has ever tried this?...does it work?, I was thinking that maybe if I used this ratio 1 cup of fine MJ for 1 cup or olive oil and 2 cups of organic high fat peanut butter. Decarb the MJ, add it to the crock pot, with the olive oil and peanut butter. Leave it a low setting overnight. Next morning, put everything back in a jar and that's it?...

    Anyone think if this experiment would make a kick ass cannabispeanut butter?

  2. If I'm not mistake, this would work.
  3. I would personally use less oil and pb, like 1 cup of pb and 1 cup of oil. But that's just me.
    Haven't used a crock pot, used an oven with a Pyrex pot for 25 mins at 325*F, used half cup of ground bud and 1 cup of peanut butter and oil mixed.
    I decarbed the bud in my food dehydrator for 2 hours before hand just for good measure.
    And it's always worked for me, my first attempt I used 2 cups and it was not as strong, had to eat almost twice as much to get medicated..
    But since edibles work different for everyone, I'd experiment till you find your best recipe!
    Hope I helped!
  4. Yes less oil and pb...1 cup of oil to 2 of pb would be some liquid, nasty ass pb...especially considering pb already has a lot of fat and oils in it. But yes this should work...but there are quicker ways ways....
  5. Definitely quicker ways, I totally agree.. That's just the way I use that works for me and I don't mind doing, when I'm looking for something quick I just follow Kramer's firecracker tutorial..
    As for something with a cup of bud, it took trial and error for me to find the best results.

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