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Using a candle to light a bowl.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by neutral, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hey GC.

    Is there anything bad about using a candle to light a bowl? Been trying to find some Hempwick around here but nothing is showin' up.
  2. Wax on herb lol

  3. Hahahaha true man. But I could probably hold it so it doesn't fall on the herb.. Just wondering if there is any bad shit in the wick...

  4. if they are scented then its bad... but why use a candle?

  5. Nah, not scented.

    Just tryna find an alternative to lighters haha, can taste that butane bad :p

  6. Yes, parrafin is a petroleum product and that's what's burning. If you do this you need to use only beeswax candles.
  7. Why not just use a lighter or a hempline?

    Matches work great too.

    Do you really like smoking wax? :confused:

  8. Thanks man. Exactly what I wanted to know. :)
  9. Just create a bonfire instead then when you're done whip out some marshmallows.

  10. I use a lighter. As I said in my original post i couldn't find any hempline :/

    Love the taste of MJ, lighters ruin it for me.
  11. :):smoking:
  12. I couldnt see it being a problem!? I used to light blunts and J with candles all the time (edit they were organic candles tho)

    Besides... the wax on the herb thing lol
  13. if you really have to put yourself through that much
    trouble to light a bowl..
    i probly wouldnt light it

    if i had a lighter id fucking use it haha
    unless your just really fuckin blowed
    and trying to be experimental
    in that case
    fuck yea dude
    tell me how that works for you

  14. This guy knows what's up. :D

  15. Ummmm, matches? And why not buy some?

    I've used the hemp i use to make bracelets to light my shit. It's pretty easy to find.

  16. Check at your local headshop or go to the beeline wick website.

    Edit: Stoned.

  17. Hold a candle under some kind of glass for a little while and dig how much soot you were inhaling.

  18. I was going to make my own. I already had some hemp twine but I went to the craft store and priced beeswax...:eek: jesus that shit's expensive.
  19. Compared to the number of cigs a day I smoke, and the nasty shit in blunts anyway, I dont think lighting the end of somthing with a candle is going to kill me...

  20. hmmm. candles just sound so dangerous to use while high and to smoke a bowl with. so many bad things could happen. like you are better off just rolling something up and lighting it with the candle. smoking a bowl with a candle is bad news lol

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