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Using a bong dry with kief

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Thefinisher, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. So right now all is kief I found a little (and when I say a little I mean a pinch) of weed in a couple old bags. I used that to cover up the hole in my bowl and I even put a little ash on it then, gave it a dry pull to see if any went through. None did, but I'm still concerned about my kief pulling through into the water and me losing it forever. So if I use the bong but not any water, if the kief pulls through can I somehow save it?

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    If you can find a stem and place it over the hole or just inhale slowly and it pulling threw shouldn't be a problem. I've tried this before the keif will burn faster then the bud most likely you'll burn it all before the bud burns up too much.

    You're good to smoke!

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  3. Just hit is careful and you should be good. And if you did have water in the bong and pulled it though you could strain it with a coffee filter and save it and dry it under like a desk light. I admit I have strained my bong water during hard times to get by (not proud) :bongin:
  4. Put a tiny little rock pebble over the hole. That's what I do when I'm smoking pure kief. Wash the pebble first though

    Happy toking!

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  5. Make a sandwhich, dmall amont of bud, kief smalll amount of bud youll loose none if you pull slow

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