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usig weed for depression

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by independent, May 22, 2004.

  1. hey... i used to have a huge depression problem and i still kind of do. not so much.. but when i was liek 15 or somthing i used to hatye everythign and had a lot of problems. aMy parents always said i was just being negative so nothing ever happened. I smoked weed and i would feel great for several days.. then start to be depressed again.. now im a senior in high school... and starting to get those feeligns back... i just want to livve on my own in the states im sooo sick of india and shit. I cant tell my parrents i smoke and have been clean for a while cuz of a doctors appointment in start of june. Myparents have a rule if im in their house i cant do anything. Anyway... any experience with weed and depression? thanks
  2. There are loads of different experinces with that. Some say it helps...mostly, that's true as long as you're stoned. But the depression unually gets worse afterwards. Go see a doc instead
  3. yeah the thing is i dont get worse after.. i mean i feel great while i am. then i feel fine for several days after mabey a wweek then i just start to feel depressed again.. i dont thinkit is ever worse but i guess your right i should prolly see a doctor. thanks
  4. When I was younger I was diagnosed with depression and later on with bi-polar disorder. For about 6 years I took medication for it and recently stopped about a year ago. (Bad experiences was the cause of this, I was basically used as a lab rat.)

    I honestly think the only thing keeping me sane is smoking.
    But that's just me.

    We are all different. =)
  5. thnaks.. thats what im thinking.. weed seems to work for me.. i dont want to have to deal with perscriptions and my parents really dotn seem to think anything is wrong.. mabey its just me.. i dunnno.. o well.. afte rmy docs apointment i start blazing again!!!!! oh and if a doc found bud in me who do they have to report to? if my parents ask will they get the results? im over 18 but scince i still live with them i know they will ask.. this is the last summer im with them so they are being really strict while they can :(
  6. i have had depression since somewhere around second grade.
    the doctors would prescribe all kinds of drugs but they never understand that depression medicines only work if there is a chemical inbalence in your body. they will not work if you actually have a reason to be depressed
    i now self medicate myself with weed for the depression. it helps me just sit there and think about everything in life and just laugh at it

    if you mean you had to piss in a cup for the doctor and your scared they will find thc in it, dont worry. when they take the pee they dont drug test it (unless your parents asked them to or something). it is for other medical stuff.
  7. I'm 44 yrs. I have two adult children, and work with children at a program for at risk families. It sounds to me like your depression could be situational. When I read between the lines I can see that your parents are very controlling especially at an age when you are needing independence. I'm optomistic that when you move out things will improve for you. Good luck in your new life of freedom!
  8. A lot of stoners I know are depressed.

    Some swear smoking keeps them feeling okay, but it seems the only way that works is if you're blazed every single second of the day.

    Smoking does help with depression short-term, but won't make it go away.

    Smoke and be depressed, but don't smoke to stop being depressed.

    This post has sounded like the most clever thing I've ever thought of, but I apologize if it turns out to be stupid when you're sober.

    Sad Panda out.
  9. i think that bud will make you feel better because your high... but even after your high ends you usualy have a better view on things and feel alot better.... but dont use pot to self medicate for depression.. thats just gonna lead to problems....

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