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Did you get the user name you wanted?

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  1. Did you get the user name you really wanted when you
    registered here, or did you have to go through several to get
    what you ended up with?

    I got the one I wanted.
  2. Yup, I got the one I wanted. ;)
  3. yip, got the one and's a bad mofo though, not like me ;) .............Peace out........Sid
  4. I got the one I wanted...but I wish I had known that spaces were allowed. [​IMG]
  5. Nope.... the one i wanted was already taken..
  6. hell yeah i got the one i wanted, no one would dare take nibbles, thats resevered for me :)
  7. hahaha, you really think this was my first choice?

    .... I don't even remeber where this name came from, most other forums I'm known as Budslide...
  8. l got mine :D,but there was only a dozen or so people here then.

  9. Yah for real lol. I didnt know that either. But yah i got the name i wanted. From the south park mexican song "me man i got jane in my brain" :D
  10. im froggy.

    how can anyone have the name that i already am. that is like u knowing that an apple is an apple yet u insist on calling it a pear.
  11. i got mine.
  12. <~~~ No one ever steals my name.
  13. hellz yeah..... my names my name.... an hey, if you didn't get your first choice.... what would it have been?
  14. Yes I got the name I wanted.My cat was on it's back snoring and that gave me the idea for my name.I would of had pickled pussy if my name was taken.
  15. ^^^^ lol

    I got mine. Actually this is the only place I used something different from the norm... My name. Which is also my email.

    I'm curious about what names people would've had if they didn't get what they were originally wanting... Mine would've been Ardilla Assesino, I'm guessing
  16. lol... damn, I don't even remember. I think I did, but... hmmm... what were we talking about again?
  17. ^^^

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm pretty sure I got the name I wanted, but I don't remember.

    And Inferior, what's your name supposed to mean?
  18. I didn't have a second choice...I picked this one, and if this one was taken I would have thought of another...but I didn't have a second one thought of already.
  19. i tried adam, didnt work, adamBC was easy second choice.

    if not that, then i would of taken something boring like him, them, that guy, this guy, other guy etc...
  20. :) I got mine..I suppose if it was taken, I wouldve went with keeperchaos. though It doesnt feel like id be me! maybe thats cause ive been me, sensi, for so long now!

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