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User Names

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by THC101, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. searched the forums and didnt find any topics relating to this..

    How did you think of your user name?

    i already knew wat THC was, and with the 101 i was kinda going for like...the low down, lol

    kinda like the lowdown on thc. like the facts

    i just thought of it pretty quick because the name i wanted was taken already
  2. Phish + Pink Floyd + Jimi Hendrix = ME, baby, ME.
  3. well..... i just came up with this because i use if for everything.... (except aim so dont but i use if for video games, screen names, and everything but passwords... i dont know....i just like wee-one. i came up with it about 3 years ago when i was playing the good old days... i also use the name neo-monkey..... but ive drawn away from it for some reason.....come to think of it.... i also came up with that one while on

    i like my name... i like the name that one dude has... delta-9-THC. it is just shortened... something i couldnt have come up with, ill tell you that.......
  4. adam

    from BC

  5. my aim screen name is scarymooseofdoom so i took away the ofdoom part and POOF theres my name
  6. c'mon people!

    adam, wat happend to you on msn?
  7. rapper named el-producto. i love his old group, company flow. he fell off though *shakes head*
  8. 311 has grass roots, truth :D
  9. I just thought of it.
  10. Play on Rolling Stones and the name of a Kottonmouth Kings album.
  11. I've used chronic_cornflake as a sn for everything since i started playing red alert. I hadn't smoked when I made it (wasn't even reffering to weed with the word chronic). I justed figured I could be a cornflake... a chronic cornflake.

    Course now that I smoke it's two things I love. Couldn't fit both words on here, but you all know i love chronic.
  12. I am Swiss and my name is Chris :) hence SwissChris...this name has a long history though..Ive been using it for quite some time and it just stuck with me I guess
  13. i used to love the Dukes of Hazzard;)!! and one of my favorite flowers is a daisy. i use this name for a lot of things.
  14. aren't daiseydukes really really short men's shorts?
  15. heh, i smoke the most pot out of everybody i know, so my friends nicknamed me the general of smokin, hah i think its funny

  16. lmao yeah but they're really really short womens shorts:)
  17. my name is Chris, kind of a play on ludicrous / ludacris(rapper)

  18. Haha my friend got stuck with that nickname because he wears the shortest of all shorts I have ever seen! They are like a hybrid between men's briefs and women's hot pants (the kind that you see all teenagers wear with like "nasty" or "she devil" on the ass side). Never knew the actual word daisyduke was for women's shorts...glad I learned at least something today :D
  19. My user name?

    It means exactly what it says.

    I am a bud fanatic :D
  20. mine is also my screen name. its an inside joke a requires quite a bit of explaining. basically, my friends and i were stoned and i said something that was absolutley hilarious at the time but really stupid after. nothing all too unusual

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