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  1. So when I thought of my username I picked FirstTimer4 because:

    *I came here to get tips on growing
    *It's my first time to grow ANY plant, honestly.
    *4 is my favorite number, at least in terms of jerseys. If I were to be on a team sport I'd want to rock #4.

    I did think of putting 420 but then thought, "I wonder how many other people have." Now I'm not ragging on those that have 420 in their user names, I'm just wondering if anyone else deliberately chose a different number for the same reason I did. lol

    There are some great fucking usernames though, regardless of 420 in it or not. A lot better than other forums.
  2. People with 420 in their names are usually 15 year olds who have only smoked once
  3. Nope not true that's a huge assumption ^^

    I honestly didn't even care if I liked my GC account name
    It's like whatever

    Turning 19 in 6 days
    And have been smoking for alil more than 2 years

    Cmon now

  4. Fuck I've been found out:mad:
  5. My first daughter is due on 4/20! :D
  6. [quote name='"RollinGanja"']My first daughter is due on 4/20! :D[/quote]

    Congrats! I'm getting married on 4/21 but getting the certificate at the JP on 4/20!
  7. [quote name='"PaulKemp420"']

    Fuck I've been found out:mad:[/quote]

    Hide! !!!

  8. same here, maybe if 420 meant something that has to do with ganja then we won't be 15. But until then, i'll stay 15, and only have smoked once. that would be awesome, a super low tolerance, a bowl would be enough for the day, i miss the good ole' days
  9. honestly i made this account when i was like 15 and was just gettinginterested in smoking.

    my thought went like, im canadian and i like 420 = canada x 420

    not a great name, but i could have made a lot worse of a name.

  10. It kind of brings out your eyes
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    I like hearing the why/history behind your names, regardless of 420 included or not.
  12. I don't really like 420. Gives a reason for mad non pot smokers to get all hyped up and act like they smoke for a day.

    Good for business though....
  13. Mine is from my favorite novel, The Rum Diary(not the shitty movie). PaulKemp was too plain so I added the 420, you guys can use it too if you want I don't mind.
  14. I really didn't think it mattered. :smoke:
  15. thought I saw a ghost while I was on vacation. made this account the same day, thought it sounded cool.
  16. My user name is aaalllmost how my last name is pronounced. For this reason, i've had the nicknames "Salty" "Salty Sacks" "Salty Shack" for much of my (irl) life.
  17. The names that don't have combinations of "smoker," "420," "blunt," weed," etc. tend to stick out a lot more. When you mash together a bunch of pot-related terms it just blends in with the hundreds of other people who did the same thing. Nothing against them, really, but they just don't stand out to me so that I can see a post by a person and remember what their personality is like.

    My user name comes from Duane Allman's nickname, Skydog. I can't remember if I was shocked that nobody else had taken it, but I'm glad I got it and didn't have to throw a bunch of numbers on the end to make it work.
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    [quote name='"s3v loves you"']People with 420 in their names are usually 15 year olds who have only smoked once[/quote]

    A few blades I know have it in their name because its their birthday and no, they weren't born in 1997 :p

    My name has no meaning. I made it for something else before ever joining GC and at the time I didn't wanna pick anything so I just typed something close to a word and flammzrant is what came out.
    Now I use it almost everywhere because I'm pretty damn certain that it won't be taken anywhere I care to join
  19. I chose mine beacuse I like the doors and Thelizardking was taken so I droped the g
  20. I made this account a long time ago and wasn't really sure I was gunna be posting much so I didn't put much thought into it. It was just the name of my Hunter in WoW at the time and '420' cause it's grasscity.

    I'm not 15. I was 19 at the time though. Pretty young lol. I actually kinda hate my name now, but whatever, wouldn't wanna make a new one just to have a cool name and lose all my posts and rep.

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