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    So my friend brought some friends over to my house to smoke up but when I pulled out my bag of tools they looked completely dumbfounded at some of pieces. After talking with a few other tokers I know, I realized no one from my area used(they do now) these simple mods so I'll post them here to get thoughts from the masses.
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    First up is a scoop, created by crimping and then lighter sealing a straw. Good for scooping/measuring bud/kief/whatever from grinders without losing the crystals that stick to your fingers, this little mod's gotten more thumbs ups then my glass collection(mild exaggeration).
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390177638.882679.jpg
    Bowl stands in my area run about $20 and look like they're made by a child with no imagination. I decided to make my own with a $1 candlestick holder, some electrical tape and wrappers from a munchies session.
    (No pic for this, too basic) We all know salt+iso+shakelikemad=clean glass, but I got tired of my hands getting wet and smelly so I used a rubber band and doggy pickup bag to rig a cap. Now I can shake harder and cleaner. So anyway, I'd love to know what you think of my mods or if you have any useful/cool mods of your own to share. Thanks and happy toking all. Sent from my cloud of smoke:)

  2. Using a cork from a wine bottle, carved to fit, in the GoG joint of the bong to seal when cleaning. One less hole to have to worry about covering with my thumb.
  3. waste of time.
  4.  Waste of time.
  5. or is it time well wasted ? hmmm
  6. Haha that's a good one, cork is a very useful plant, makes me wonder if you can do something similar with hemp.It's not a waste if it's fun mate, "time well wasted" ftw.Sent from my cloud of smoke:)
  7. The scoop seems very useful, I never though of it haha:)
  8. Hmmm that straw trick will be very useful to me..thanks.!
  9. I'm glad most of you like the idea and I hope you find it useful, happy toking ~<(@_@-)Sent from my cloud of smoke:)

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