Useless Fact of the Day (part 2)

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    Thomas Jefferson thought the U.S. Constitution ought to be rewritten every 19 years: "The earth belongs always to the living generation...Every Constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years."
  2. Andy didn't have a dad in Toy Story because human characters were too expensive to animate.
  3. What a shame..I loved that thread.
  4. it was deleted because there was discussion of other drugs

    and its generally frowned upon when a thread is deleted and you just go make the same one over again.... but due to the nature of this, and how it can go without breaking rules... its probably not a huge issue

    If it gets out of hand, you, and those who break rules, will be getting infractions. Be warned
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    In 1986, the price for an AK-47 in a town in Kenya was 15 cows. By 2005 the price had dropped to 4 cows.
  6. DISCUSSION of other drugs is not allowed, not certain types of discussion, and the FIRST post in that thread, made by you, discussed other drugs, so do you want to get punished?


    Common sense
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    Mark Twain was born under Haley's Commet, and said "It will be greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with Halley's Comet." He did.
  8. well that would be true if the entire first page of that thread wasnt a discussion about the post you made

    you have lost this battle, post your facts and get on with it lol

    and generally we do delete the posts and move on but YODA had good reason to do what he did and im not going to disagree with his actions, and you really have no say in the matter in all technicalities of it, i hate to sound like an ass, but you are just whining at this point when i could have deleted this thread from the get go for creating a secondary thread to an already deleted one....

    just get ON WITH IT
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    We are attracted to the scent of people genetically different from us to avoid incest.
  10. There is this owl in Japan that,in order to scare a predator,can change its form depending on the size of the predator. For example,if it's anther owl the same size,then it will puff up its wings behind its head to seem larger..but if the predator is still larger than that,then it will stand up very straight and tuck its whole body in to look super freaky...hard to explain but I can find pics if anybody wants them

  11. Lol or you go around mentioning other drugs a bunch of times and we ban you and you are like

    "awe shit......"

    but here, a fact!

    The word queue is the only word in english that is still pronounced the same when the last 4 letters are removed!
  12. A jellyfish is 95 percent water.

  13. Hmm where did you hear that one? Soundss really familiar...;)

    Fact: Dolphins sleep with one eye open! .....Must be paranoid like me..or im a dolphin?!
  14. Giant water lilies in the Amazon can grow over 6 feet in diameter.
  15. Russell Crowe, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Nicolas Cage all turned down the part of Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  16. counter strike source has like no players during the day. random fact yo.

  17. Amazon .com apparently owns the rights to the typed word Amazon. It shows as a link.:smoke:
  18. Mercadies car dealers will buy cheap brake pads for $25 and charge you $180 plus the labor to put them on

  19. thats why you do all your own work for small shit like that.
  20. [quote name='"BlazeLE"']

    thats why you do all your own work for small shit like that.[/quote]

    Then you lose your warenty on a mercadies

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