useing the right fert

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  1. should i use fox farms grow big and bigbloom or people been saying floranova is better than the foxfarm
  2. i don,t whats better but i like ff
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    i have never used ff, but its a 3 part mix and ,flora nova is one part. i think flora nova is more for hard water.

  4. I have great success with the FF trio. open sesame, beastie bloomz and cha ching.:wave:

  5. I used FF but not the trio as in ( chi che& beasty bloom& open sesima) I used big bloom ,big grow , big bloom all 3 & was impressed on my results :hello:
    It was my first indoor I had problems but ALL N ALL I was satisfied wot my results very tasty..... On my second grow outdoor goin wit batacare , heard good things

    Good luck !!
    If u get the other 3 supplements( chi che& beasty bloom& open sesima) it's sure TO BE KILL!

  6. No doubt about that. look at my current grow bro. I used the trio(chaching, beastie and sesame) So far Im very satisfied. heres a link.

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