useing a green light 2 chek on girls at lights out

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cronic chris, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. is it true that you can use a green colerd light 2 chek youer plants during light out and if so will the green pardy bulbs at wallmart work for this?
  2. Im not sure but from what i remember about plants and light, they dont absorb green light only reflect it thats why we seen plant leaves as green, im about 90 percent sure you can check them with a green light and have no problems
  3. Can't you find a time to check on them during lights on? That should be at least 12 hours long each day...

  4. i just read this somewear a time or 2 and wonderd if it was true smart ass if you dont know the answer two the question dont reply to my therds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. You can get a green led flashlight for pretty cheap. They're cool, too. When your friends ask why your flashlight is green, you just laugh at them. HAHA.
  6. lol, so simple and so true
  7. Yes you can.
  8. ill tell you the same thang i told the last smart ass i was just wundering if this was true i read it a time or two if you dont know the answer to the question thin dont reply to my thred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I don't know the answer either. Why can't you check them during the day? :confused::confused:
  10. I saw that you can on a Jorge Cervantes video on YouTube. Yes you can according to that.
    Don't get too upset man at peoples posts, they're just breakin your balls man. Smoke a bowl.
  11. i just wunderd becose if this is true i figuerd if a man had plants in hes closet he wood be abul to just put them in the light sokit in his room and cover the closet door good and ther wood be no chants in hell of bothering his girls its not lick i wos wondering if you cud just stand ther and staer at them with a green light all night sicuk i was just triying to ask a question i havunt seen on the forum 100 times i git tiyerd of reading the same dame thang over and over aperuntly all thes hot shot growers ant what thay think thay are or thay wood know the anser to the question at hand in sted of talking bullshit i have lernd a thang or two from this forum but most of it i all ready know just tring two lern somthing know every day that is how you become a conusuer of soerts i have bin growing 4 over 13 years im 26 and have lernd 1 thang to always be true evun a genus asks questions peace out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. *wakes & bakes*

    *stumbles in, bleary eyed, coffe in hand*

    *head explodes*



  13. im callin bs
  14. Am i the only one who was to re-read every line of this spelling?
  15. Been growing for 13 years huh? Whatever. Thanks for the laugh man.

  16. fuck you if you dont beleive me i have nuthing 2 prove 2 inyone on this shity site ther isunt a one of you that knows a fucking thang more thin me so i will be arasing my acount good by all you so caled weed growers i am from the hills of kentucky the apulashun montuns trust me you cant out grow me
  17. That statement completely explains your horrific grammar and spelling. Is your Daddy and your Uncle Billy Bob the same person??


    You're probably only 13 years old don't have 13 years of growing experience.

    Peace!! Good luck on another board.

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