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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by mrbgdicky, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Has anyone ever thought about combining a bubbler and a drip system to see what the results are. I'm thinking about using five gallon buckets with a small air pump/ air stone and a small water pump for each. I'll start a setup tonight. Any advice or suggestions about this would be helpful. Thanks
  2. Have the water pumps outlet pipe about 2-3" above the water so it pours onto the surface and brings fresh o2 into the water, thi sis always a good idea for nute resevoirs anyways. Besides that it sould be a good setup because it iwll increase oxygen in the water wich is always good for the roots.
  3. personally i dont think it wouod do much... it seems like a waste of money to buy an airpum and a water pump.... id say either use an airestone in the bottom of the bucket, or use a water pump to circulate water over the medium, but not both.... ;)
  4. you never know till you try... It will increase the o2 intake significantly.
  5. Ok I spoke to my neighborhood hydroponic store and they said it is possible . But I would have to control the drip system with a timer and a flow valve. So there isn't over watering. They also said it would be a wonderful thing if everything is right and precisely timed I would never have to trust anyone else to look over my plants while I'm gone on buisness. They would control themselves.
  6. Wait you want a bubbler setup with a drip feed? I dont get what your going for? The bucket going to be filled with bubbling solution then your going to have a drip line feeding in? What kind of water pump do you plan on using?? and i gues your going to have a feedback to maintain waterlevel. I was thinking you were saying have a high flow low pressure centrifugal waterpump that pumps water from the res to the buckets (this is where i was saying have the water fall into the bucket for o2) then have a drain line leaving the buckets where you want the waterlevel maintained going back to the res falling into the res water again to increase o2 in the water.

    This is my dream hydro setup if i ever do a 400w+ grow. So this system would maintain the water level automanticly and because i would have a 30 gal res under teh stand. It would have so much solution that it would stay stable for a while and nutes wouldnt have to be changed and monitered as much. This is an old drawing i made of the setup but i still think its the best, next to a areo cage, but they cant fit in a closet :)

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  7. Having an extra reservoir with a float switch that automatically kept the water level at a constant level in the bubbler from a huge back-up reservoir is a good idea for a system that you don't want to check on frequently. But I can't imagine that using a drip and a bubbler would increase anything. You will be better off adding a second air pump and stone to your bubbler,

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