Used too much fertilizer

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  1. Hi everyone,
    everywhere is written, what to do before that. But i cant find any advice, what to do after that happend. So i hope you can help me with that :). 20227554_1583333695032978_1922191211_o.jpg 20257548_1583333675032980_590101888_o.jpg 20257733_1583333738366307_1614994812_o.jpg
  2. What did you feed her? Whats your soil? How often do you feed and is this the only plant having issues? My First impression its not over fert
  3. Overwatering or the pot is now too small.
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  4. With hen fertilizer. My soil is 50% garden substrate, 30% perlit, 20% black soil. Once a week. Only one plant is in this condition. New leaves dry out and whole plant shrinked. i think that ph is too low.
  5. Other plants are ok and volume of my pots is 20L.
  6. I accidentally wrote the answer not as reply.
  7. When i first started indoors and i had issues it was always attributed to tired soil, my first attempts at water only soils feel short one sure fix judging by size of your girl would be to up pot you can have 3 of the same strain and one that wants more or even less food/water
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  8. Okay but what i can do now? I am little bit scared that my girl is going to die :D
  9. The plants look healthy. The drooping is normal if :

    •they are overwatered
    •they are underwatered

    How often do you water?

    Also, being this bushy, you're going to need to LST those motherfuckers!!!!

    By doing that you'll double your gain
  10. Each 2-3 day it dapends on weather. My brother admitted that he use little more fertilizer. Other plants have nice green shade but this one have light green-yellow color. And new leaves on the top immediately die. I would like to do something, but i dont know what. I read that distilled water maybe help or increase ph with wood ash.
  11. Buy a PH + and PH - solutions along with a PH kit.
    Also water every 4-5 days man.
    When the earth is cool. Dont water.
    If the pots feel empty when you lift em, and I mean REALLY LIGHT, then water them.

    Also, give them organic fert. Not chemical ( the blue stuff our grandma used )
  12. Thank you, i hope this will work. Today she lost another leaves.

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