used to get ripped the fuck off

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  1. dude compared to know, i use to get ripped off.

    my friend's brother use to charge me $50 for a quarter of schwagg.

    then one dude my friend was talking about how he can get ounces for $80.

    i was like damn dude i wish i had those connections.

    then that same dude sold me an ounce for $140 of mids.

    that would have been $200 for an ounce of schwag with the other dude (fucker).

    now i can get ounces of mids for $100.

    now i look back and think damn dude i got ripped off before, but you know what man, all the people i chilled with those nights and all the shit i've learnt, i'd say it was worth that money.

    so did you get ripped off when you first started smoking because people knew you were an easy target and didn't know the prices?
  2. unless someone has a good friend....most people get ripped of easy...i remember buying "outdoor nug" for prices that i pay for topshelf now.
  3. i wouldnt say i got ripped off when i first started, i mean i deffinatly paid alot more than i do now but what i paid was street price that all my friends paid when i got started... i know they wernt trying to rip me off because we would throw down and i would watch it all go down but ya after a little time goes by and u meet the right people ur like y the fuck was i paying so much for so little
  4. when i first started smoking i thought that there was nothin but dank so i paid like 20 a gram sometimes 15 and it sucked no i can get 50 dollar shwag ounces and i love it because my friends boyfriend is a dealer

  5. i have kinda the same situation. When I first started all there was around me was dank, my first smoke was blueberry then WW. then I move and people are smoking all this low quality stuff I had never seen before. I never knew what schwagg or even mids were till I moved.:cool:
  6. its like buying a really nice car - the smoothest ride ever.

    after driving that car for a few years you become spoiled.

    i'm not saying you're spoiled, just that it would be very easy to get spoiled that way.
  7. Getting ripped off sucks.
  8. I think I have to disagree.

    I think its more of like buying a really nice car, in a good neighborhood where everyone else has nice cars and all you ever see is nice cars.
    Then you move to a neighborhood where you see cars that are lower quality and you have a lower quality car, and realize the difference between what you had and what you now have.

    I dont think it could be considered spoiling if you never even knew that lower quality cars existed. You would just think of the nice car that you had to be just the regular car everyone else has.

    But I see your point, and I admit that I do feel a bit spoiled when comparing some of the weed where I used to live, to the stuff around me now. Especially in regards of quality and price.
  9. never saw that coming.

    good point man + rep.
  10. I paid correct prices, low actual deals but I didnt get ripped Id say.
    50 bucks got me a quarter of mids so i dunno i think thats so so deal back then.
    Now its like still kinda bad for me but better so whatever.
    Like i payed 20 bucks last week and got 4.5 grams of dank so Im happy with that shit:D
  11. never got ripped off.

    People tried to rip me off but I never stayed quite.
    I started smoking when I was 13 and I knew my prices.
    I remember trying to get ripped off for the first time when I was 14. I got in my buddy's car and put it on the scale I was 2 grams short got off and regulated and the dude laughed and said to his friend "this little guy knows his shit" So he gave me another sack with 3 grams in it. He threw in a extra gram.
  12. good to hear you arent getting ripped off anymore dude, i only got ripped off with weed once.
  13. Get a scale for sure, you won't realize it but alot of dealers short, if their not scaling it infront of you, they're prolly shorting you by atleast a little bit (not all dealers...but alot).
  14. Nah, my best buddy has been a stoner for a bit longer than me so when I began smoking I always smoked with him and he'd tell me if my bags were short or not. When they were short he'd bring it up to my dealer because he'd dealt with him for a while longer.
  15. Yeah, you can eyeball it, but a scale makes life easier. Not all dealers rip people off, but lets face it, lots do or atleast try to.

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