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Used to dank heard Schwag gets you spaced

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RemyKush, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Now i pretty much smoke dank all the time and havent honestly taken a hit of shwag in a long time, but i heard that if you exclusively smoke dank that shwag will get you super blazed if you smoke it once. Can anyone verify or explain why that might be true? To be honest the only reason i considered it is because I dont feel like spending for dank (from the midwest and dank is stupid expensive and it is really really lame).
    I really need to move to colorado so i dont have to deal with this bullshit anymore lol
  2. If your used to high potency weed, how do you expect nasty shwag to do anything? Use your head foo
  3. No but you will get a massive head ache. Schwag is basically human feces.

  4. Chill bro it was just a question, im just tired of paying my left nut for a quarter of dank because prices suck nuts.
  5. its full of "dirty" matter (not as pure per se) and your brain is only used to the best stuff, what you heard is true, try it
  6. ill get dank over schwag bruh.

    try mids! if u cant decide. lol.

    but defintely worth the money in my opinion to get dank.
  7. #7 ksharp, Aug 1, 2011
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    Buy/make hash. A 20 dollar gram of hash will last me a week, where as a 20 dollar gram of bud would last a day
  8. schwag is fucking great. best weed i've ever fucking smoked and you better believe it!
  9. Wait.... What?
  10. Just get mids? 20-30 for an eighth. Decent quality, not too high of prices. Not the best weed but by far not the worst weed. I fail to see why anyone would willingly buy shwag. Mids or dank is all that's worth the money. I feel like schwag is McDonald's, mids is the grocery store/home cooked, and dank is the olive garden. Just because at McDonald's you can get 20 sandwiches with 20 dollars doesn't mean you go to McDonald's with it. You go to Wal-Mart, get ingredients for lasagna and save a bit, or you go to the Olive Garden and have them prepare lasagna for you.

  11. Whatttt?!?!?! Hahaha sorry this was hilarious!
  12. Try mids man cant go wrong with some good mids better than shwag anyday. id rather spend less on mids than pay the bullshit $20 a g for dank and i smoke about a g a day so thats just wasteful.
  13. Dude. No. Whoever told you that doesn't smoke weed. But I mean seriously, think about what you just said. If you're used to smoking dank why would schwag get you blown? I'm not trying to be mean but come on, that's ridiculous. why would you spend money on schwag anyways? I would NEVER buy schwag. I don't even buy mids. That schwags gunna taste like ass especially since you've been smoking dank.

    Take a t-break save up money and lower your tolerance. then buy some dank and you'll be straight. Yeaa... :D
  14. No lie, I shit in bag's and sell to middle schoolers.

    "Dude it's shwag, 1 pound for 10$", Gets em' everytime.
  15. #15 TheJSmoker420, Aug 1, 2011
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    Why are you near middle schoolers .....creep haha lol
  16. i literrally took the green from the bottoms of apples grined the stems of apples and put a very small amount of dank into a baggy and sold it for 20 bucks at a skate park. kids these days
  17. If you're smoking dank, mids is shwag.

  18. Asshole
  19. Yeah mids are the way to go. Depending on areas, you get 2-4x as much mids for the same price of dank. Either that or cut back and don't smoke as much..
  20. I love when the very first post after a thread makes the most simple, logical point.

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