Used silica gel bag to remove moisture in flower and... URGENT!!!

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  1. Hey guys,

    I got a buddy who contacted me about a problem. It's his first grow and week 5 in flower humidity level went up over 60% so he added a second fan to move air around a bit more in addition to him having one of those carbon filter thingies too. But, he also.... went on to buy silica gel bags, 12 of them and hung them from the roof of his tent. Next morning moisture was down, but those bags dropped water instead of sucking it in and holding it.

    Result was water droplets WITH silica gel residue dropping on some of his plants and bud sites. Now the lower bud sites are wet on a few plants and a whole lot of the leafs on those same branches a re drooping like shit.

    I don't have pics, but he took a few of the most saggy leafs off, and then next morning the plants were drooping, also the leaves that didn't get wet.

    What do you recommend? Should he cut all those wet bud sites off totally? I mean branch an everything with droopy leafs or what? He said he should be ready at week 8 for chopping so he's got 3 more weeks to go.

    What to do? Urgent!

    His set-up is 400W HPS in a 100cmx100cmx200cm tent with 9 plants.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. If the bags have released moisture i wouldnt worry too much. The silicon wouldnt leak out of them as the silicon are little balls that absorb moisture. They dont leak it. It will be excess moisture tgat the balls couldnt absorb as they are full.

    60% humidity is totally fine for flowering so no need to put them in in the first place.

    No panic
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  3. Silica packs are non toxic even if eaten BUT if they were blue, pink or they were scented (dont use scented period) they likely contain cobolt or another not plesent chemical which is used to tell you the user they are moisture laden and need replaced
  4. Thanks guys. I know f*** all about this, just helping a buddy out who can't speak the lingo.

    He wants to know what about his nice wet buds? Are they ruined or gonna produce rot or some other shit? Should he just prune the leafs/branches looking most fucked up? Should he destroy the 2 plants f'd up? Tops are still a ok with droopy leafs and no actual water o tops.

    Regarding the water issue, he says the droplets felt slippery and hard to dry. Something in that water then? Should he dry the effected leafs to reduce risk of "burn"?

    Thanks again.
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  5. He has fans on the buds right? Man I'd at the very least attempt to grow them out. As others have said silica isn't shit... I water my plants with silica... the biggest worry is imagine would be rot or mold... maybe dab the buds with a towel or something and keep a fan over it.

    But also keep in mind none of us have seen a picture of this plant so we have no idea to severity of it.

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  6. Fans on and the heat an air will dry them off
  7. upload_2017-7-28_15-56-59.png

    He said it looks something like this, but worse on some of them. This pic is off Google. He added that the small leaves are not looking happy like that, but they are soaked and shriveld wet puppies, as are the buds.

    He's already been drying the leaves, but not the buds, with toilet paper. Would right under the light be good or bad for the injured ones now? Most of them buds apparently aren't actual producers anyways. Lower, and tops are fine. If he hacks lower damaged branches off (bud and leaf) at almost 6 weeks in, will he stress the fuck out of that plant?

    And kill his little project?
  8. Get the water off as intense light shinning thru water droplets will burn your leaves and buds. Same as sun burn in a swimming pool
  9. One 400w hps doesn't sound like enough light for 9 plants, but I'm new too so...

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  10. I would have to assume they are very small plants with the size tent the grower is using lol I would hope so at least... but yeah you should be able to get the same yield off of a few plants... some people prefer sea of green type setups though or just smaller plants in general.

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  11. I use silica every feed plants love silica

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  12. Ouch! If they in fact look that bad I would cut the already dead ones off and take the chance of mold and wash the other affected plants with water pull the light up as high as you can and put the fans on them, I was going to suggest just let them finish then do a bud wash at harvest but if they look that bad there is obviously a chemical burn occurring and the only solution is diluting it... that's how I would deal with it but my RH hits 10% without a humidifier on this time of season... i use plenty of silica on my plants and have never seen that kind of reaction
  13. Thanks guys. Advice has gone forward. He's gonna stick with trying to salvage the two affected plants as well and most likely defoliate those two and see what happens with them.
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    He sent me photos now. He sprayed them with water and are under fans now. The two are outside the tent now so as not to effect others in any way. 6 out of 9 are just fine, 1 suffered just a bit on a few lower branches, but these two look pretty sad. They are almost identical in shape and size.

    He's saying his options now are:

    1. Take out those 2 plants out, destroy them
    2. Try to let them finish with the rest of them
    3. Defoliate the two plants, starting from the bottom where the most damage is, and then let them finish with the rest of them.

    Will it be any good if he dries those two out now? We are talking week 6 flower starting on Monday. Any effect or total waste?

    Everybody is saying that these plants are resilient, but can they recover from that now when all the leaves are droopy and fucked up like that?

    And if he takes out the two, would it increase the yield on the remaining 7 plants for the rest of the 3 weeks of flower? Would maybe help with the 60% humidity problem also?

    Sorry, guys so many questions. I wish I had the answers so I wouldn't have to bug you guys about it.

    Now here's the pictures. Shock and awe ;)
    View attachment 2331499

    Looks pretty sad... All the shoots on the sides look pretty much dead.

    View attachment 2331500
    1st main cola.

    View attachment 2331501
    Second ones main cola.

    View attachment 2331502 Some small ones look like this, but other ones are looking very beaten.

    So please, if you could shed some light as to wtf he should do. I don't know wether to laugh or cry as his pilot project seems to go down the drain rather than up in smoke :D In any case, I'm taking him out for a few drinks and get him a new phone which he just busted up a few days ago :D :D :D
  15. His latest comment was that the water from the silica bags (calcium chloride) does not evaporate like normal water. Apparently it lingers on in the bud and leaves, making everything heavy and hard to dry out.

    Like I said, I don't know about this stuff as am an end user myself, but to me looks pretty fucking bad. There are some burns marks on other plants as well and slightly shriveled leaves. I sure as fuck won't smoke this experimental shit :D

  16. Thanks for your input. He sent some photos over, they're on the thread now.
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  17. Looks like he panicked and f'd up then. The pictures he sent looked pretty horrific to me. But what do I know.

    You say 60% is ok for flowering? I've heard that anything over 60% is catastrophic? My buddy runs 55%-65% now on a daily basis even with extra fan.
  18. Looks like a root zone issue or some stress. How often is he watering? They damn near look thirsty but idk...they don't look horribly deformed or anything just sad leaves.... I wouldn't toss them I'd try to fix them.
  19. Definitely wait for others to chime in though I don't really have to deal with these issues so I'm not to great with them... that first plant does look like it's gonna be toast but who knows.

    and yes I flower in 65% fine just depends on airflow
  20. I don't know exactly how often he waters, he monitors it with a moisture thingie, with PH and light in the same one. I guess he waters them just before they start to droop. He said he's been careful not to wet them too much. He only had those silica bags up for one night and he noticed the damage the following morning. But I guess too late. The other ones are looking nice and healthy as I saw a pic of them. The effected ones only look like this. He said he keeps them between dry and moist according to the meter.

    The stress might come from him snipping off a few fan leaves that looked colorless and dead, but were still hanging.

    How would you try to save those plants? CAN he cut out those lower branches or is it too much for the plant to recover from in week 6. Do you recommend cutting damaged leaves and lowest shoots with bud sites?

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