Used Resin Off Filters + Powder, Something Worked.

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  1. So I'm out of money to spare for weed, out of weed, and I wanted to smoke. But we didn't even have enough left over to make a small waterfall bong or anything.
    We usually smoke joints and use the same few pieces of paper (Ticket stubs to be specific) over and over and over as filters, did this for about 3 months now. The papers were very gunky.
    So, decided to take a blade to the papers, and see if I could scrape off anything worthy. Got a very tiny ball of nothing but resin. Then I took our grinder, and scrape-cleaned it with the blade to get as much powder off as I could, then rolled the gunk ball into the powder, and stuck it on top of a tiny roach. Then I took a cigarette and emptied the tip enough to put the roach in plus some space. I put the roach, gunky-powder tip down, packed it in a bit, then took a few crumbs off our rolling plate and packed whatever I could in the space left.
    It's working. I can't believe it's working. @_@ I'm like. Swoosh.

  2. This sounds like something a methhead would do
  3. gotta do what u gotta do
  4. Stay in school kids  :smoke:  :smoke:
  5. Wait, so your smoking paper dust because it has resin in it? I figured if someone's fiending enough to smoke resign, it'd be just resin.
  6. Hey now, I graduated tyvm.  :metal:
    But yeah, no not paper dust, weed dust in the grinder, and resin that was caked onto the papers we used as filters.
    It worked. Worked very nicely actually. Considering it was such a small amount anyways. Even had a nice cooling sensation because I used a camel menthol silver with the extra menthol pop. I'd say it was worth the few minutes it took to get it all together.

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