Used gorilla glue to fix bong

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  1. so i broke the neck of my bong, it was a clean break and i was able to gorilla glue the pieces back together. I’m wondering if there’s any risk of contamination? I don’t wanna be breathing in any glue fumes lol. The glue isn’t near the bowl so won’t be exposed to direct heat, but obviously the smoke goes through the part that was broken and is now connected by gorilla glue. is it safe for me to hit it?
  2. Grip it and rip it. As long as glue isn't currently drying, you will be fine.
    Watch about getting cleaning solution on it though jic
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  3. I broke the part where the downstem goes on a bong and could have glued it but decided not to bother I don't want to risk inhaling glue or even worse glass fibers. Imagine what that could do to your lungs. That's not worth any amount of money you could save by not buying a new piece. I say destroy the fucker, throw it out and move on. That's what I'm gonna do.
  4. Gorilla Glue is not water proof.
    As long as it's dry and not in direct heat it won't hurt you.

    I'm thinking some type of mixed epoxy would be stronger and more water proof. (if you have some laying around) Scuff up the area and build up on the outside. Give it a day to cure for hardness. Rinse with soapy water.
    If it's a cheap bong, you might be money ahead to just get another one.
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