Used Fender Strat For 60

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  1. Not selling. Lol.
    I found an ad on Craigslist. This lady wants 60 for a strat which I'm pretty sure is a steal even used.
    I told her I'd pay 80 if she holds it till Saturday for me.
    I posted a pic of it if anybody can tell me if I should go with it. Anything seems off? I'm of course bringing my amp to test it on the spot. Squiers say Squier on the head unless she changed it. But idk, I doubt it. On the phone it just sounded like it was like her son's guitar that went away to college. Lol. Also she didnt know that you plug it in for sound

    But yeah. Been wanting a strat for a minute now. If its broken i can Probly fix it or get it fixed for cheaper than what I would pay for another used strat. The lowest I saw was for 200-250

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  2. You do realize that thing is like 2 feet long right? And it's not a fender, look at the headstock.
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    A fender headstock would have a cutaway at the top.
    That being said, she clearly has no clue. To sell even a knock-off for $60 is practically giving it away. I say go and check it out, plug it in and see how it sounds. You might be surprised by what you find, and if you dig it, you can't beat $80 for a guitar. Just be kind about it if you decide not to go in on it - she's not trying to rip anyone off.
  4. I have a squire and it sucks so hard, just saying

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