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  1. this past weekend has really shown the truth about the so called " friends" I have been chillin wit for the past 2 months. This weekend was the final straw. Me and my 2 other so called friends were cruisin around in my car and listenin to my new subs. We decided to hit up this kids house to smoke some ganja. I only take one huge hit at the kids house off a blunt because i have no tolerance plus I would be driving the car. Fast forward to when me and the 2 " friends" are leaving the house. I was now about to go drop them off but one of them tells me lets go to dunkin donuts. Me ,a little high from the great weed, goes sure why not.

    When we arrive at dunking donuts , they finally tell me they have no money and for me to buy them something. They have done this countless times before also and never have bought me shit. I say ill get u a friqeun donut then but just come in with me. They both tell me they want to stay in the car and don't feel like going inside. Im like you have to be kidding me. So I buy the kid the donut to shut them up and I get myself an Ice Coffee. Now the only reason I buy them some small shit sometimes is because I thought they were my friends and would pay me back sometime.

    As were leaving dunkings they ask to go to Walmart. Im like im not buying you anything and I also needed to go buy a amp chord for my guitar amp also. So we get to walmart and the friqeun kids are telling me to buy a rotisserie chicken and shit. Im like you have to be kidding me. I tell them no and I start walking out of the building cause I now have found out there trying to use me. As im driving home to drop them off one of the kids tells me he wants to go chill with some girls and for me to drop them off. At this point , I just start screaming at the idiots and they start getting scared. After I drop the idiots off , one of the kids calls me back and asks if were still chill....

    All in all , you guys may think im some bitch. Its watever. I just try to be a nice guy. Its kind of sad how some people think its ok to try and use people.
  2. they dont sound like good friends
  3. Hahaha. I woulda just been like, "next time you guys bring your own money, this shit isnt happening again"... but screaming worsk too :rolleyes:
  4. I drive my friends around alot but i get free weed out of it. You should at least be expecting that. Be like fine ill drive you around wherever, i just better be getting weed or money from it. Maybe they just dont understand what they are doing.
  5. yah lol i supply the ganj most of the time
  6. yeah if u are driving people around and supplying weed they are just using you, no question. sorry to tell you but yeah it sounds like they dont give a fuck.
  7. hahaha a rotisserie chicken
  8. WOW dude, those motherfuckas got some balls.. My advice to u is to never answer if they call & jus avoid them all together. WOW!! Why would u even WANT 2 hang out w/ them if they pull shit like that.. People suck.. U play guitar u said? next time u b better off smoking by urself, listening to some tunes & jamming on z guitar...
  9. I had 'friends' like that who would always make me drive their asses around town, all while cheefing on my stash. These fuckers NEVER threw in on gas, weed, anything. And every time I'd go get something to eat or drink they'd always try to get me to buy them shit, saying "I'm good for it". Which they never were. Oh, and I found out that these idiots DID buy their own weed. They just never called me when they had it, or acted super shady.

    After some of them threw a bitch fit when I wouldn't spend my last $10 on pizza because they were hungry, I basically cut off all contact with assholes like that. I suggest you do the same. Find some real friends, who don't mooch off you every single chance they get.
  10. Yeah sounds like they really are just using you. And thats such a dick move to say ''go drop me off to chill with some girls'' and he doesnt even invite you? F that man, you can do better.
  11. Not only are they using you, but their not even doing ir right! Back in highschool I used kids all the time, and they're doing too much to fast the trick is to give a little to take a lot. Smoke a bit of herb with him engage in conversation then let him pay for the next like three times...then right when he thinks he might be getting used smoke with him...that way you have yourself a duu boy (street term around here for a kid who thinks your his friend, but you just use him to get fucked up.) for a loooong time.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb, and say you and your friends are avoid being a duu boy just tell them straight up you two are fucking scavengers! And that you have no time to support have not having mother fuckers. This is what you do buy a sack, roll a blunt, and just start smoking it when they ask you to pass it be got some money you fucking parasite that never got shit get some money and talk to me.

    That was back in I have no du boys cause after getting out of highschool I only really kept in touch with people who were my real friends...but its cool we all carry our weight in my little circle of friends.
  12. I would have told them to fuck themselves. You were nice enough to buy them a fucking donut then they wanted a fucking chicken? "No chicken for you bitch, pay up!!" is what I would have said. You are not being a bad friend at all. You've just paid for their shit so much that they expect you to get it for them regardless.
  13. seems like they were def using u.... but seems like u caught ob so dont let it happen again u can still hang out wit them if u want just stand up for yourself and if they are real friends eerything should b cool
  14. yah the rotisserie chicken part really pissed me off
  15. hahaha:laughing:
  16. LOL what do you expect they was high...You sound like a bad friend if my homie was gonna get some action i woulda dropped him of and not have cock blocked like that.

  17. I dont think they sound like real "homies". do you?

  18. woah hold up man if i was chillen with some girl i wouldnt want 2 guys.

    ive had a friend (former) beg me to take them to go hang out with the girls i was hanging out with and i just got so fucking tired of it. its not good. he would also beg me to take him to parties and to let him come kick it. it just got so annoying
  19. I've got a friend that sounds like them, you should just drive them somewhere far away then leave without them. that'll teach 'em
  20. hah! i just got rid of some "friends" like this. lol they just wanna come smoke and have you drive them around to partys and go eeat! and they have their own car! but whatev.

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