Use water to filter vapor from any vape

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  1. Okay, so hear me out on this one. Although I'm probably not the first to discover this, I think I just found a way to filter vapor with water, like in a percolator, that you can do anywhere you have water and nothing else.

    Okay, so give this a try: pull a tiny sip of water into your mouth (don't swallow), just barely enough to fill up the small area in the front of your mouth without being noticed, and tip your head so your mouth is roughly pointing at the floor. Then open your lips ever so slightly and inhale sharply, and the water will splash around inside your mouth as the stream of air (or vapor/smoke[if smoking out of a glass blunt, 1 hitter, or equivalent]) passes through it. And if you reduce the amount of water you use you won't have to pull as hard when you're hitting your vape.

    So just like normal vaping, except you tilt your head forward with that little bit of water in your mouth, then pull hard to stop the water entering the mouthpiece (this will also ensure you have a giant hit :D). As you're coming to the end of your draw, tilt your head back up so the water will settle in the bottom of your mouth away from the mouthpiece, then you can do whatever you want with said inhaled, percolated vapor. I just did a full 15 minute sessions on a full bowl in my Boundless CFX using this technique, and after every hit i checked the mouthpiece, and there was never any water residue inside or outside, so the chance of getting a little water into your vape is really low, at least in my case. And if you thought vaping was smooth before, holy shit. Now I know how Gary and Brandon feel when they've hit a vape through a bong.

    Now I normally run my CFX at 380F to get all of those yummy CBGs and CBCs etc out of my herb, and using this technique I'm consistently able to do full 15-20 second draws on my vape without any irritation at all. The best part is that the water doesn't get nasty or anything from the vapor, so you can just swallow it while you're holding your hit, then get a new little puddle of fresh ice cold water, for every hit.

    Well, there it is! Think what you want, do so at your own risk, but that's what I discovered tonight while I was high. Hope someone finds this useful :)
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  2. Seems like a lot of effort just use a bong with ice in it, you can take fat hits without coughing up a lung..
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  3. Now just figure out a way to pack and light it and you've turned your face into a bong....
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  4. too much of a hassle. I want to relax and enjoy my sesh, not work at it.
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  5. Yeah, I know haha. It's a bit awkward. Just thought I'd share it regardless.
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  6. Brilliant Idear Mate !
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  7. I have an attachment for my Randy's Trek vaporizer officially manufacture by Randy's called the Aqua Top that has a reservoir to filter vapor with water and it's smooth as butter, I tell you! I've looked it up and a lot of other good vapes have these water filter attachments too that make it feel like a hybrid of a vaporizer and bong.

    There's another good and very simple option for those of you who also wish to water filter your weed vapor!
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  8. Yeah, I know, the vapes with built-in percs are badass, but the CFX was a great deal for the price and is really rugged. It was never my intention to try this method with it haha. What actually happened is that I was taking a drink of water while seshing and it almost fell out of my mouth because I was laughing so hard at god knows what now, and I quickly sucked it back in and felt it splash around in my mouth, then the light bulb clicked on and I hit the vape like that and it was smooth af.
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  9. My Magic Flight Orbiter works pretty well too. With the MFLB and the Pax 3.

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  10. I have done this for years and have shown a few of my friends. I'm super happy that someone else knows about this
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  11. I played around with it a bit more, and it's possible to do without tilting your head forward or whatever, you just push the water towards the front of your mouth with your tongue and inhale while holding that position. Much more comfortable that way.
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    What type of adapter do you use for PAX 3?

  13. I've only ever told my head forward. I will try the way you just described tonight and let you know if I succeedor not
  14. Good luck! :)
  15. Update: first try I had accidentally pushed the water out of my mouth and got some into my mouthpiece. Second try I aced it. For the time being I prefer tilting my head but I'm sure with time and practice I will change my mind
  16. Yeah, it requires a little more precision to do it this way, but I think with time it'll be really easy and comfortable to do :love-m3j: Also, for anyone interested, topping your ovens with other herbs makes your hits taste amazing. I've been adding a good solid layer of fresh minced mint leaves on top of my bowls and they add a really enjoyable sweet minty flavor to the hits, as well as making the hits not so dry since they're still fresh and wet.
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