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Use the herb correctly, and don't let this happen...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by QuinnisaG, May 7, 2011.

  1. So around december, I started smoking REAL heavy. good 4-5 FULL bowls a day. I got my supply for free from a family member that grew.

    I smoked everyday, not missing one day, for I'd said 7 months straight..
    And I pretty much lost it.
    It gave me terrible depersonalization and derealization. I felt like I was in a dream state 24/7. It was terrible, it grew on me more and more and I was loosing it. I couldn't enjoy anything, without being paranoid and anxiety ridden. EVERYTHING was dull. Life had no meaning, was NOT exciting.. and pretty much pointless.
    That's when you KNOW you smoked too much. Sorry, it's a fact. My reality was being high, and after feeling like that for so long I went crazy, and suicidal. Went to a pych hospital and everything. I litteraly forgot what being sober was like, and I smoked to get rid of the body pains caused by my meds, and my depression. I should of quit, but was too weak too.
    I just felt like I should share this experience, because it is a drug, and is habit forming if used in the wrong way. I'm currently on my break, and is needing my fellow blades to help me out, once I fully get rid of this feeling, should I start smoking again? The proper way obviously? Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, extremely tired and lil drunk.
  2. Holy shit
  3. Right?
    But Currently on day 4 of break, and things are much better. I feel back in the same world as everyone else. It feels amazing.
    For example :
    Nothing connected, or made sense. At all. Id go out side 5 times a day, to see if I was really there. And it wouldn't register in my head that i was. It was terrifying. I smelled the air, but it didn't connect with my surroundings, or the feel of sunlight on my face.
    Very very strange expeirence. I never wana go back to that.
    Besides, being sober isn't terrible.
  4. That happened to me too, but then I started winning again
  5. Good job dude, as so am I.
    Question is.. should I go back to the herb?
    Overall it's the best IMO.
  6. Sorry to hear that glad your doing better now. I kinda feel that way when I stop smoking. If I were you I would go back smoking every now and then until you're comfortable again.
  7. Yes, yes you should. I did after a week, cut down to 4 bowls/joints a day and I'm where I want to be.
  8. Ever heard the phrase "Everything in moderation."? That really applies here. This is called ABUSING, not USING.

    I'm glad you came to realize yourself that you were over doing it, and stopped, even though it took going to the hospital. You can come back to it in a week or two, but just slow the fuck down dude. Treat it like a dessert; do you have dessert for every meal? Do you have dessert every day? Not the best analogy, but you get the idea. Start slow, toke like 2-3 times a week, then go from there... staying high 24/7 is probably never a good idea for you again, except maybe towards the end of April...
  9. weird, i've been smoking everyday for almost 7 years now. to each his own :smoke:
  10. Yeah man, you aint the only one to smoke daily.

    I feel fine, great infact.
  11. Yeah, I now realize that. There is no honest excuse for my actions, and I learned from them.
    I will probably take a good straight week of, experiment and treat it as MEDICINE.
    Like how I should of. Thanks everyone.
    I now finally, after MONTHS and months, have the "in the moment" feeling, and it's absolutely great.
  12. Try smoking every other day for a while
  13. Just try and keep youself busy mate thats the best way to enjoy the herb imo.
    For example i work 5-6 days a week play football on saturdays and train 1 - 2 a week so i only smoke some nights during the week and saturday night after footy then most lazy sundays. I never have a solid chance to over do it and it works great for me.

    You just gotta find your balance...if you think hmm maybe im smoking to much it's effecting me THEN CUT BACK simple as that :)

  14. Exactly. Depression was a huge part of it, I was always bored. So why not smoke?
    But now I'm 100% focused on school, music, LIFE, and being healthy.
    Get all your shit done, and reward your self with a nice herb.
    And ozherb, you said it perfect.
    I need to not be a pussy and just quit the herb for a while. Just tell my self, "hey dumb fuck, youll be able to smoke again, it's not that big of a deal".
    I always thought, get high all the time! Life sucks!
    Well, that was my old train of thought.
  15. Hmm, wonder why some people can be fine smoking everyday and others can't?
  16. Guess good ole Gange isn't for some folks..
  17. Well I personally have terrible anxiety. And for some reason smoking it constantly makes it my reality, so I worry as if It was my reality.
    But erryone is different.
  18. I find smoking once or twice a week, on weekends, is a great schedule to follow. It gives you something to look forward to during the weekdays, and keeps your tolerance relatively low.
  19. in those many months you were smoking soo much... (im 19, and buy my weed and 4-5 bowls really isnt much bro) did you never realize, wow, idk whats going on, maybe i should take a break?

    ps: its good ur in a better situation now though! good to share ur experience.
  20. dude, im sorry, but that is not weed being habit forming...its you having an addictive personality.
    whenever people try to tell me cannabis is a psychologically addictive drug, i just compare it to video games.
    SURE video games can affect your motivation. SURE they can interfere with your work. SURE you could spend all of your money on it. But same with weed, now why is that a drug?

    tl;dr point im trying to make is that playing video games nonstop for 7 months would probably have you questioning your reality as well. dont say weed is a habit forming drug just because it was habit forming and was a drug FOR you

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