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Use subsolution or let an opportunity go?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lantutu, Aug 13, 2017.


Take the internship and use the subsolution? Or keep my current job?

  1. Accept offer

    3 vote(s)
  2. Reject offer

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  1. I just moved out to a new area for school and a new job. There are benefits to this job - super flexible hours, pretty easy, related to the career I want, and no drug tests lol. I recently found out about an internship at an organization that I really hope to work for after I graduate in 2 yrs. At the first interview I signed the form saying I would take a drug test because I was already at the office with the HR guy sitting there, I couldn't really just walk out. I did a little research and figured they probably didn't test interns. I got a second interview and thought I bombed it but ends up I got the internship. I have until mid-next week to let them know if I accept and another week or so before I'd be tested. There's no way I can pass a test - I've been using heavily this summer and I'm chubby - and I don't know anyone around here enough to ask for their pee so I looked into synthetic. I impulse bought sub solution this morning after reading a bunch of reviews and forums. I'm really scared it wont work and I'll completely screw up my chances of ever working there. I can't make up my mind what to do. I really had no intention of looking for another job at all. This opportunity fell in my lap and it'd suck to waste it...I'm excepting this indecisive hell I'm in as the consequences of being a stoner lol

    Sooo, what do y'all think I should I do? The internship would be a great experience to start my career and it pays a little better than my current job but if I don't pass the test my chances of ever working there are trashed. They're sure to have internships next year that I can apply for, and although there's no guarantee I'd get it again, I'd actually be more qualified in a year than I am now.
  2. Just buy some dehydrated urine, or a Quick Fix Synthetic. Both work without fail. The dehydrated urine is real urine you literally just warm it up, there's no reason to be worried about any drug tests.
  3. Think QF is better than sub solution? Not sure which dehydrated urine sites are legit
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  5. If this is still active just use someone's clean pee if you can. That's what I do. But I have heard 9 times out of ten Quikfix is the way to go if using synthetic.
  6. I’ve passed a lab test with sub solution. Did not use heat activation powder though
  7. Usr someone that's clean real piss
  8. What type of test is it, do you know? I recently passed a non-dot 9 panel at Quest with quick fix 6.2. Like 2 days ago I took it and it was reported negative on my background and drug reports. I have used QF to get 3 jobs in the past 7 years
  9. Just saw this is an old thread. Not sure why anyone would have commented on it earlier.
  10. Yes I’ve used it twice. Did not use the heat activation powder tho

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