Use of technology in guerilla grows

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  1. gps, cameras, etc what are some other electronical tools that can be of use?
  2. Camera's for taking pictures!
  3. There aren't really that many electronics that have a point in geurilla gardening (by that I'm assuming you mean growing on a property that isn't yours), and depending on the situation it is unfavourable to use electronics as they leave more of a foot print and if left at the site provoke snoopers.

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  4. Hence you are new in growing
    Here your list of technology begin and end it
    Suunto - Suunto Core All Black

    even this are very professional for you
  5. thread goin on now in the outdoor grow section about surveillance of your crops with trail cameras

    check it out

    Check it !

  7. My mistake. I was under the impression there weren't many advantages to using technology in geurilla growing.

    I would like to say though, that I'm not totally new to growing, been growing for about three years. That said, I've never geurilla grown and obviously that shows :p.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me

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