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Use gumwrappers when u dont have papers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smok77, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. a little time consuming, but if youre desperate... they work.
    what i do is i peel it, TURN IT OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE (the shaping process while ur rolling will be really tough on the side that had the silver bcus its sorta grippy),then fold, lick and rip the jagged edges of bcus theyre a bitch to tuck, then i roll as usual (its like trying to roll with fuking cellophane, i think using a roach makes it a little easier) then lick up, generously along the fibers of the ripped end, (lllllllllllll (torn fibers) then lick up^^^^^) then complete the roll and lick along the fibers again, generously. what happens is the torn fibers sort of stick to the paper and holds it together fairly well. just dont move it around too much while ur smoking it, or it might come undone
    hope this helps some people
  2. what no just no ....smoking the foil...? buy some zigzags for a dollar geeze
  3. peel the foil.
    like i said, its if ur desperate
  4. i suppose but it would taint the flavor... but .... alright i get it.... IF your are desperate. Fine. Lol. i will never be that desperate
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    Come on man. I think you can go one night without pot and then go to the store tomorrow and get some papers can't you?

    Hell make a Can pipe if your desperate or a pen pipe

  6. hahaha that sounds terrible, but i understand desperate times call for desperate measures....
  7. Well mostly i have heard of this when either 1: The person is under 18 2: you really really are desperate. Or 3: If you are under 18. But yea it works and tried it once during my younger days.
  8. I remember when me and a couple friends of mine did this a long time ago, back before I could just go the the corner store and buy a pack of papers. We all met up at the park and no one had any papers, all we had was gum, lol. It works in a pinch but not exactly something you want to do on a regular basis, tastes kinda weird.
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    Used to do this in highschool.

    Just peel off all the foil and be careful not to tear the paper

    edit: they need to be the type from stick gum like juicy fruit/big red etc
  10. Yeah it does work, pretty tough to peel the foil off though and it's probably not very healthy (there has to be something binding the foil to the paper).

    I agree with the poster that said to use a popcan though, that I've used on many many occasions.
  11. Eh I used a homemade pipe when I didn't have wraps..
  12. A socket, a water bottle, and a bent paper clip.
  13. for all the trouble and carefulness that u will use to peel the foil off, just use all that energy and make a homemade bong or somethin....jeez... i dont think i can ever smoke out of paper that is not officially a dutchmaster or zig zags..
  14. never do this... Make a apple bowl/fruit/vegetable bowl...

  15. while i don't plan on ever smoking out of a gum wrapper, not everyone is as totally pro as you. we all bow to your godliness.
  16. that sarcasm that ur using on me?
  17. how can you be that desperate for papers? zig zags are like fifty cents!! hollow out an apple and make a pipe, hot knife, pop bottle bong, pop can, or just buy a freaking pipe!!
  18. yeah lol man.... make a homeamade... apple or something...

    at the rate ur going the next step is sealing it with jizz man.. lol
  19. i heard bible paper works, its really thin too. hell it was even in pineapple express.

  20. i dont think even Macgiver would get desperate enough to roll a J with big red paper, thats just stupid. Id rather smoke out of a homemade POS piece than wax paper and foil. but whatever, enjoy your tasty J:rolleyes:

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