Use by dates on Tobacco??

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  1. I was just wandering, is there such a thing as a use (well, smoke) by date on tobacco? I mean, obv it is a plant and plants go bad after a while (or else no such thing as schwag eh! lol)

    So if you found a pack of cigs from a few years back, smokable? Non smokable?

    If so, how long roughly would it be?

    P.s i was going to put this in the general section but sinse tobacco is frowned apon by some and the box is for theses things,......
  2. im not really sure, but ive been around people who have smoked OLD OLD OLD fuckin cigarettes and they didnt really complain
  3. As long as it's in some sort of container, then I think it'll be fine. I mean, you get cigars which are around 10 years old and they are really nice. As long as the tobacco is dry then I think you should have no problems. Peace:wave:
  4. according to Tobacco does not expire, but if left out for a long period of time, it can dry up and you will need to re-humidify it. If it is a cigarette you are talking about, you can just throw it out and buy a new pack as they are not costly. If you try to smoke a dried cigar, it will probably crumble on you and could possibly make you sick.

    but come on, there are SO many chemicals in cigs that they will probably last FOREVER..lmfao

    then i found this....Philip Morris Cigs Ala Marlboro Etc, the date code goes like this,
    Example = V295Y82B3 / V 295 Y 8 2 B 3
    First Alphabet = State it was manufactured in, V=Virginia, N=North Carolina, etc.
    295 = Date of year Manufactured, with 295 being somewhere around Mid to end of October
    Y= Manufacuring Line produced on
    8= 2008, for newer cigs it would read 9 for 2009
    2,B,3 = is really irelevent but has something to do with the exact shift of day etc,

    Bottom line when purchasing cigs, Look at the first three Numbers that should be between 001 (Jan. 1st thru 365 for Dec. 31st) and than look at the first number after the 2nd alphabet that would be the year 8 for 2008 & 9 for 2009
  5. i think chew expires, or at least when it gets too old turns really nasty. cigars will dry out, papers split/break and not very nice to smoke
  6. old...HAH..whats old tobacco going to do? taste like crap, cause cancer, smell bad, make your babies be born nekked....:smoke:
  7. Stale tobacco tastes horrible and is harsher. Not nearly as pleasant. That's why people who buy cartons put them in the freezer.
  8. oh god i hate smoking a stale cigarette, its almost as bad as the cancer that its causing

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