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  1. is a freak of nature. i just watched him run a 19.3 second 200m to break Micheal Johnson's world record. he is sooooooooo fuckin fast
  2. ya its even more crazy cause hes not like a small skinny guy hes like 6 foot something and not that skinny
  3. fast fucker woowee
  4. Yeah, he's amazingly fast.

    Who knows the number he could have put up in the 100m if he actually sprinted the whole time.
  5. That shit was crazy how he just left everybody behind. Did you see how excited Michael Johnson was.....almost looked like he couldn't believe this guy just ran that fast.
  6. the last 10m of the 200m he was watching himself on the big screen and still blew everyone away.. ridiculous
  7. Did you know that he had to shorten his name from Hussain so that he wouldn't get caught by the do-not-fly watchlist?
  8. I hate doing this but I can't be fucked to type this all again. I'm a big follower of sprinting as I am most every sport there is. Usain Bolt is the most electrifying athlete in the world right now and one of the best I have ever seen, right up there with Roy Jones Jr., Michael Vick, Pernell Whitaker, Lebron James and others in wow factor.

    This was from a little debate I was having about the Phelps vs Bolt for MVP of the games argument. Right before I saw the 200m record fall. Ignore some of the usernames I mentioned.

    Bolt isn't a case of genetics. So many have said him being 6'5 is an advantage and even one guy I read who said that Bolt is the future of sprinting and soon all our sprinters will be massively tall. It's just not true though, it's just the case of Bolt being a freak.

    I'll do my best to explain some of this. Basically, the key to running is the point of impact. The point of impact is where your lead foot hits the ground in front of you. Now for about 99.9999% of us, it would be better to be shorter, stronger and more explosive because then you don't have to much catching up to do with your lead foot, it never gets to far in front of you and you can explode and get greater turnover, the time it takes to make 1 stride, then a long legged runner. You want to spend as little time behind your lead foot as possible until the next foot hits the ground. That's why shorter guys have the advantage because most of their stride is spent exploding forward off that foot instead of behind it.

    What makes Bolt such a freak of nature is just his speed, and not just his footspeed but how fast he catches up to that foot. For a taller runner, more of their time is spent behind that point of impact because it just naturally takes them longer to catch up, Bolt is not only catching up to the point of impact faster then other tall sprinters, he's doing faster then any of the more traditionally built ones either. I can't begin to explain how unprecedented this is. He's getting a greater turnover, thus a greater speed, with a 6'5 body then the guys who are 5'11 and instead of taking 45-47 strides to complete the 100, he's doing it in 40. It's not unheard of for someone of his size to complete 100m in 40 strides, but usually that difference is made up by competitors with greater turnover speed. Bolt is 1 upping them in that department.

    There might not ever be another athlete quite like Bolt, what he's doing doesn't just defy the track but it defies all human logic. I don't care if he's drinking THG by the drum (he's never tested for anything and I really don't think he will, guys with his build usually steer clear of that stuff) what he's doing is absolutely off the charts. That's what I mean by more dominant, not decorated but going into these games, it was conceivable that Phelps would win 8. Not expected, but Spitz won 7 so it's not to far fetched. Now I don't know the science of swimming, I know he has an unconventional freestyle stroke and that's about it, but Bolt is defying science and what it says is possible.

    Bolt, imo, is the baddest man on the planet right now. For the past few years I've thought of Lebron James as the most electrifying athlete in the world, I'm going to have to put Bolt in that spot now. And like James, he can still improve. His form out of the blocks is pretty much all wrong, he doesn't have great reaction time and I've heard it said that he has to high of a knee lift but I wouldn't mess with his stride for anything. Ridiculous what he's doing, he's competing against himself right now.
  9. When you have a last name of bolt, your bound to be fast.

  10. he needs to change his first name to Lightning and get it over with, but yeah the dude is 6'5" someone needs to get this guy some shoulder pads and an NFL contract, his 40 time breaks down to 3.9!!!!!!

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