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Does this hash look above-average quality?

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  1. Hello, my name is Criss and this is my first post on GC forums. I’ve been a reader for 10+ years and decided to join. I’m an immensely ‘seasoned toker’, I’ve been burning for over a decade now and got all my weed knowledge down pat - plant matter wise. I mean about kush, weed, pot, the bud etc.

    My knowledge for other marijuana derivatives is flawed. I know what hash is, but I only buy it from my dispensary. I recently picked up a lighter version of it, dense, light brown...previously I’d get tar black hash that was formed into any shape possible. This hash though isn’t as easily formed but I can tell is much better quality. I’d like to post a few pics so you guys can examine and let me know. I forgot to get the name and was in a rush.

    Thanks, sorry for the rushed post I’m really high and am sipping too.

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  2. Looks similar to the hash i get, if it gets you ripped & doesn't taste like shit it's good hash lol
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  3. The ancient art of hash making is really interesting and would make a fascinating personal study for you, @MignightStoner.
    It will deepen your appreciation for the wonderous substance.
    Nice shots of your stash.
    Oh... and welcome to GC.
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  4. Here’s a guy that knows his hashish.
    The UK seems to get more varieties of the genuine article from the Middle East than the US does.
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  5. I've only ever tried it once in a joint it was OK but I always smoke green because it's just what I can easily get

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  6. Hell yeah dude we get alot of hash here i think it's because it's easy to smuggle it into the country:confused_2: :laughing:
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  7. Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
    My local production. :)
    Nice thing about growing is I can smash all the buds I want into Kief, Make the kief into Hash-Coconut oil caps.
    Wickedly strong little gems they will blow your socks off.
    Spent 2 years in West Germany back in the early 70s and we had a good half dozen varieties of hash to choose from. Brown Brick, Black Tar, Choking Red, Lebanese Blond, Tripping Green, Opiated Tripping Green, :) Weeeeeeee
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  8. Thanks pal! I’ve recently been studying it more as I’ve been using it more so - and a phenomenal substance it really is...
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  9. Jesus old Lebenese i haven't had that stuff in 10 years now, it was the first stuff i smoked when i was a kid:laughing::laughing:
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  10. It puts me on my ass man lmao i picked up just over a Q yesterday


    I usually buy a Q or half oz then cut it into gram blocks so i know how much I've smoked, a Q usually lasts me 7 days & a half lasts me 2 weeks
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  11. Puts you on your ass or in a coma...?
    That is a beautiful fkn sight... from the chunk of trichromatic-ally filled blonde hash that gets my dick hard - down to the scale and that ‘72’ , knowing how dense it is and must feel aha.

    I’m gonna make a thread on turning it into butter in a very simple way... I never made butter and after a long work day yesterday, I seshed to Mars, so was lazy and spared a gram of hash.

    I’ll post the link when I type it up, as I ain’t even sure how to get the final product, but from studying cannabis and knowing what is needed to extract the THC, etc.
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