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  1. Is there going to be seed banks in the USA like in Colorado or some thing?
  2. probably,   if you have a commercial growers license,maybe med growers? probably not
  3. Holistic nursery is already selling seeds out of Cali, at least until feds nail them
  4. @[member="joker865"]
    I don't like thinking about impending doom, but I'd be surprised as shit if they don't get busted soon.  The international banks are not under federal jurisdiction, but these guys are playing with fire.  I'd be leery about them having my address in their records if I was in a non legal state.
    In my lifetime I've seen a few US based seedbanks, they all get busted as an example.
  5. my beef with holistic is they send other cannabis stuff too.
    big risk differences between shipping seeds and shipping oils in my opinion. while I love the idea, its the LEO of the issue that gives me pause.
  6. They way i look at it the justice department is giving states the chance to set their own laws with relatively little interference. They made it clear however one of the main things they didnt want was product moving to other states. In my opinion shipping seeds, and certainly oil, is the equivelant of giving the doj the finger. You approach anyone with a " I will do whatever the hell i want" attitude and they arent likely to respond favorably. Stupid and greedy is a combination I try to avoid whether it be business or personal.

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