USA will soon be a dictatorship?

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    We are now at a cross roads..

    Our time IS running out.

    R.W. Sanders: The Super Congress We Did Not Elect

  2. Hilter reign here we come!

    I mean, look at everywhere. Flags, flags flags. This will be a ultra-nationalist state.
  3. i thought its 13, the last being the president.

  4. Read more: US debt ceiling crisis: Obama and Boehner face backlash at 'fudged' last minute deal | Mail Online
  5. /\

    [ame=]‪Max Keiser: AAA to junk - just what Wall St. wants!‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    on top of the dictatorship, we will also become a 3rd world nation :)
  6. Uncle Sam is Satan's crack whore.

    Uncle Sugar is Beelzebub's bitch.

    Welcome to the new world order.
  7. A little dramatic buddy don't you think?
  8. Not if you've done your research.
  9. Im a little confused here. We already are under a dictatorship. The dictatorship is under the ruling class. Look at the freedoms that we have lost and look at our political system and how our votes to add up to anything.

  10. Yeah, but now they have a body to force laws through even though they might be unpopular. (almost guaranteed)

    Get ready for no more protesting
    no more 2nd amendment and whatever tyrannical legislation they want to pass.

    This is the end of the United States.

    We have a completely different gov't now.
  11. this is a little fucked up
  12. Lol, let it become a dictatorship. I'll die before I let this country get it's cold boney fingers around my throat. And if we do see shit like Nazi-Germany occur on our home soil, I do believe I owe Canada a visit.
  13. Plutarchy? I think we're already pretty much there. At least at first glimpse.
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    Take a look at any government, even Communism.

    It's a given that upper class businessmen/women are going to have something to do with national politics. If you think otherwise, you are day dreaming. This is the way the world goes round, and until Jean Luc Picard is Captain of the USS Enterprise... This is going to continually happen. The rich run the world, and they always will. Even in times of war,recession,epidemic,etc.

    People just need to accept human nature. Look at history, it repeatedly shows us what's going to happen. Time and time again.

  15. might want to rethink that canada plan. We're basically run by the grand monarch Harper who has his nose stuffed so fucking far up the US's asshole that he wouldn't be able to tell if what he's smelling are roses or skidmarks.

  16. I am actually optimistic about the future. I put no time limit on it so it could be way past my lifetime, but revolution is inevitable. I think before we can actually become a true space age people, we will have to overcome our fallacy in governing our people. I do feel that eventually the world will be different in the future.
  17. yes the president can veto.

    I suppose so...but remember its much easier to control 12 politicians then it is to control 100's...
  18. I was planning on getting my first firearm next month...Hopefully they don't touch the 2nd amendment before then. Shit is crazy.
  19. doubt it lol. takes awhile for that stuff to happen.
    it would start with stricter regulations, assault rifle ban. that kinda stuff.

    theyd also need a terrorist attack to justify it.
  20. It goes to the rest of Congress to vote yes on it before the President can sign or veto.

    By your logic, we should go all the way back to a dictatorship/monarchy. If it is easier to control 12 than 100, it follows that 1 is easier to control than 12. Should we, then, reduce it to even less than 12 simply because it's "easier to control?"

    I think it's still misunderstood what this "super congress" is, and part of that is because of the stupidass name it's been given. All it really is is a committee, just like any other Congressional committee. It doesn't have dictatorial powers at all, it's not "super" by any means. It will come up with ways to cut a trillion $; if it cannot come up with the cuts by a certain date then other cuts, 50/50 from defense and discretionary spending, will automatically be triggered.

    Naturally, absolutely NOTHING is done with the actual problem of "mandatory spending." :rolleyes:

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