USA! USA! Take that France!

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by BluntBurna, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Are we serious here? Please don't tell me we are. What happened to the old hands here who had reasoning abilities?

    Where the Fuck is Foop, Or JohhnyWeedSeed, or someone who's been here for awhile... God damnit.
  2. Completly agree with you man, living in europe and having travelled around alot of it. Its pretty pathetic when people are so arrogant to make statements about other countries when alot of the time they have no first hand experience with being in the country or even with its people. Americans have an extremly bad rep for things like this, and it does seem to be that way alot of the time.
  3. I mean, if you're gonna talk shit and give such a bold prediction, at least win the race and certainly don't get caught from behind on the last leg...


    Fuck yeah
  4. Yeah...those are some cool cats for sure, but what do they have to do with it, veteran members have nothing to do with America being the greatest country in the world & France not.
  5. Well said. +rep
    Especially that last part. :hello:
  6. I think its hilarious that people are giving people negative rep for saying fuck france. Do you really like france that much? I mean shit...its how people are. If you're patriotic, and dont take offense to snooty, arragont, french people (-rep me if you like, its what the articles say) saying stupid shit about your country, than oh my god, I'm giving you +rep.

    It's exactly like everybody hating us and calling us fat americans. Do you care? I dont care. They dont like us because of how they were raised/what they see on tv/media, and of course Dubya.

    IMO, whenever you gloat, and lose, you my friend, will get bashed by the Americans.

    There is a reason we stay unified, God bless America.

    oh yeah..

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    Yeah, so I threw a couple stereotypes in there. I knew someone would come along and get their panties in a bunch. I don't know why the hell you had to go off on some wild war and government tangent though. Let's keep it to the Olympics where French can continue being bitches.

    Oh, and if the world really hates us would we have millions of foreign tourists visiting every year? Did the whole gymnasium not start chanting USA! last night after an amazing performance. Your thoughts are clouded in hippie belief its sickening.
  8. Fuck France, they started talking shit first! What are we supposed to apologize for being superior? Fuck France, Fuck France, go ahead and -rep me if you want, i don't care.

  9. You, my friend, obviously have no clue who the Fuck you've gotten into a debate with.

    The world really does hate us. When you move out of mommy and daddy's basement, take a trip around.

    My thoughts are clouded?

    I've been to 4 countries in Europe, Most of the states, 2 countries in South America, And Japan. I've also spent time as a student, common street thug, AND I've spent some time in the United States Airforce.

    France being bitches? If they didn't back out of the war, they'd be in the SAME position as us. Why we hate France? Because they had their eyes wide the fuck open when all we saw was money and oil.

    Hippie belief? Listen asshole, I've seen and done a lot of shit. My belief is based off of experiences.

    I'm not doubting our performance, as it was stunning. But all the Americans who are like " Yeah, Fuck France!" are completely moronic.

    Even if we had lost, You'd still be running your mouth.

    Why do you call France pussies and bitches? Because THEIR GOVERNMENT backed out of a war? So why critcize the people?

    Because that's what Americans do. Watch the news and see things from another countrie's view. It's quite disturbing. But then again, you probally wouldn't want to. This is america. Home of the Ignorant and blissfully stupid.

    All I'm saying is there's no need to talk that way and generalize a country.

    You get all pissy and call them pussies cause they talked a little shit, and lost.

    Yet think of ALL The shit we've talked. That's one of the few media-captured moments we've heard the French retailiate.

    People take this shit too far, and I'm sorry I blew your spot up, but it needed to happen to someone.

    America: " Fuck France, Fuck ______, Fuck _______, Fuck _______."

    That's the American mindset. One of these days we're going to need help from one of these countries, and they're gonna say: " America? FUCK AMERICA." And that day is gonna suck.

  10. Dude, What happened to you bro, you used to be such a chill person. They started talking shit first?

    " We're not going to war cause we believe this one is pointless."

    And we get all pissed at them, and call them pussies.
    :: Fast Forward a few Years::

    " Fuck Bush and Fuck this war. Bring our troops home, and save our economy."

    :; That's us after realizing this war was misguided by expert propoganda::

    What's with all the hostility here now? I remember when we used to be able to debate. It was intelligent, and few people got pissed off.

    But for every person who says " Fuck France" Here, imagine how many people in the WORLD say " Fuck America?"

    We're not the big bad boys. Look at the Euro...

    All I'm saying is before you start flipping out on other countries, see the other side of the coin. You may find something that the media or governement doesn't want you knowing or thinking about...
  11. How did this turn into an angry political filled discussion. The french swimmers made a stupid statement and then our swimmers beat them. This was an awesome win for America's swimmers.

    [obligation] America. Fuck Yeah! [/obligation]
  12. They were talking shit about the swimming you nimrod, they said that the US sucked and they were going to beat us.
  13. I'm from England and from an unbiased point of view, I've been to France, I didn't like the people too much, as alot of them did seem quite arrogant and moody, the whether was shit so that made it a worse experience, but seriously, granted i haven't been there before and this might upset a few people, but the majority of Americans seem to be so naive and arrogant that it is perplexing, how can 1 nation with so many resources produce so many numb minds. I must make it clear that this is not directed to every American, I say the majority because only a fool would stereotype America, or any country infact, as a whole based on individuals. Some of the most intelligent and insightful people I've ever had contact with have been American and I would hold nothing against them just for being from 1 nation, but America seems to have an excessive problem with the attitude of too many people being "USA!!!USA!!!". As i said this may upset a few people, but truly if your too thick to look at us as a humanity, and you dislike people because of their nationality, i don't really give a fuck if I offend you or not. Peace and love :wave:...
  14. Again let's read the OP carefully

    It's about swimming and the olympics.. Let's save our anti-american tirades for other threads.. Plenty of opportunities eh?
  15. No matter what country you are from... you gotta admit, The US Swim Team pretty much kicks ass. They took four more golds last night.
  16. Yeah, but it's swimming

    The Olympics will end and no one will care until four years later
  17. Dude its about swimming, its about talking shit on rival sports team essentially. Its like saying fuck the Giants or the Yankees etc. We are superior swimmers, as we are superior at b-ball etc. I don't think that the OP intended this thread to be a political debate as much as he intended it to be a gloat fest, and to show pride for our team who beat the crap out of a french team that made the victory all that much sweeter by talking shit.
  18. get the fuck over it.

    the french were bashing us with public trash talk.


    the goddamn olympics are no place for street trash talk.

    its a fucking worldwide competition, have some goddamn class.

    spaz, youre wrong on this one.

    they were talking shit, and they got their shit handed to them.

    end of story.

  19. Exactly.

    This is obviously a touchy subject for you, for whatever reason. Like Budda said tho, it's just trash talking.

    If it had been an American swimmer who said that, and then proceeded to lose, others would be insulting the US. If it had been a Chinese swimmer talking shit about a Japanese swimmer, and then losing, Japanese people everywhere would be talking shit about China. It's more to do with competition than what you're making it out to be.

    I think you should wage your war on ignorance elsewhere as I don't think you'll accomplish much here on an internet forum.

  20. All I can say is...give me a fucking break. We are chatting it up about Olympic swimming and being proud of the United States' swimmers for one of the greatest comebacks in Olympic history, but you delve into some pointless rant about war minutia. What has that got anything to do with a swimming competition in Beijing?

    It is statements like that which dumb down the citizens of the United States, trying to stir up controversy in an area where nobody wants to do the same. Good work for alienating yourself in the end.

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