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  1. Where can I find auto fem seeds in the states so I don't have to wait 25 days to get the?
  2. Growers Choice in CA
    I've got their Auto Critical Purple, and it's pretty good.
  3. Yup I havewn't grown that one yet. I just got done with all of there Auto-flowering plants. Now that was an awesome grow++
  4. Mephisto genetics. If going with autos it’s the only brand to use. I recommend alien vs triangle. Big yeilder and has tested over 25%thc.
  5. Haven't used them in a year, but seedsherenow in Oregon may have what you want.
    They have good deals and LOUSY deals, so compare prices, risk factors, etc before buying..BTW: I get my beans from UK banks in well under 2 weeks.
  6. Mephisto headquarters is in Spain, but they shipped to me from CO, and it took 10 days from order to receipt.
    I've tried their Auto Blues (~90% Indica, and Sour Bubbly (60% Indica). Both were very good.

    Growers Choice also took 10 days.
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  7. great lakes genetics is out of Michigan. i used them once with good results...cept theyre a bit expensive.

    last two buys have been thru gyo seeds, uk based, but my new favorite site
  8. Check out my boy at zia farms!
    DNA genetics/Crockett farms available at mainecloneconpany. Both amazing people!!!!
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  9. what the web address
  10. try TGA genetics.
  11. Crocket family farms or emerald genetics
  12. do they ship 50 state?
  13. D.C. Seed Exchange
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  14. Maineclonecompany!
    Don’t use greenpoint, they’ll burn you...
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  15. To what?
  16. we kind of sent that at the same time
  17. ive been talking to maine and dc both really awesome banks to work with. i think i am going to go with the 24k. any tips with that? or has anyone not grown it yet?
  18. Running it now. I’m doing strawberry fields next from there.
  19. I ordered from Growers Choice Seeds on a Monday and had them Friday of the same week.
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