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  1. i just watched the UNITED STATES of AMERICA win the gold medal in basketball. And after hittin a bowl, i couldn't help but think that i am damn proud to be an Amercan. There isn't any country better than ours and that's not an opinion, it's fact. Mad props for Espania...they left it all on the table. But Kobe Bryant cannot be touched, the best in the world.

    I guess i'm really curious to see what you guys think about the olympics and how the pride of your country has sky rocketed.

    USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!:yay::yay:


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  2. What a great day this is for basketball in America. We are back on top of the basketball world. Order has been restored.

    Am I very proud of this squad. They had a task to complete, and they did it.

    That said, what a game! Wade takes player of the game. No doubt about it.

    This is what we play for. This is it. The Gold Medal.

  3. pretty sure the ladies won for basketball too no love for them lol ?
  4. awesome!! go D WADE!
  5. yeah man Dwayne Wade tore that wood up. His 3 pointers are shot with a finesse i've never seen before.

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