USA Gun laws and Cannabis!!!

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  1. Does anyone else think its a bit dodgy that just as they start taking a serious look at legalizing ganja, they plan to take away guns too. A mate and I are convinced they are planning on starting a revolution so they can create a police state. Stoned people with no guns are gonna be much easier to controll than sober people with guns. Also it is normally the people with a slight mental illness that have the balls to start an uprising against the government and ganja exaggerates mental issues. What do you guys think?

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  2. Dude, you being paranoid!
  3. This is just too funny, really made my day :)
  4. Last time I was told that I was saying the american government were behind 9/11 to get public support for a war and look what happened there. They also took away billions of peoples rights with anti terrorism laws. Just because your paranoid, dont mean theyre not after you - Cobain

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    Wouldn't this be better suited for Pandora's Box?

  6. just because your paranoid doesn't mean they are not after you!

    And They will get neither from me My Mrs. is the muthafuckin police! We got weapons here I am intimidated by that my wife will take to the range and make these gun weirdos look like kids with the my first cap gun
  7. You shouldn't even be stressing the government, they're completely fucked up and corrupt. "Too much thinking can drive a person insane."
  8. "Create" a police state???

    We are already living in one, and hardly anyone is complaining. Hell, a lot of people don't even know it, including you apparently.

    Documented actions of today's American police state: Pro Libertate
  9. But its funny how for almost a decade they tried to tell us that weed was really bad for you and now theyre changing their minds and at the same time taking more of your rights somewhere else!!!

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  10. Were already in a police state they don't need to revolt to make it happened its been here for decades.
  11. True. Im chilling out after work right now and Its funny how when you look back at things sometimes you can think to yourself "what the fuck was I on about" lol never mind. My paranoid tinfoil hat wearing alter ego wont be playing out again for a while lol

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