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Discussion in 'General' started by fake, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. Hey
    I'm just wondering how many of you reside in the US and have bought stuff from this great site.
    I'm a little worried about importing bongs/pipes/etc to the states... Will I have any trouble?
    Also: is the extra $60 for the better shipping worth it?

  2. I have never ordered, but I remember I think Big Poppa Puff did, and customs ripped his order to shreds, and bless Superjoint, he resent even though it wasn't his fault. I would have to say, I would endorse buying from this site even though I don't have past experience, just based on the people behind the site.
  3. Grasscity doesn't have anything illegal to sell on it's site so it's perfectly legal to ship via mail (as long as you're "supposedly" 18, or is it 21?). Big Poppa's shipment was probably just a random fluke. I forgot the details.
    Anyways...I wouldn't worry about customs. I've had stuff shipped here but now I get it sent to my friends. Just to be safe since I'm growing some tomatoes in the basement.:smoke:
  4. Ive ordered a few things from them, it takes a little longer(maybe a few weeks or so), but its 100% safe to order from this site. I tried ordering something once and they were all out of that item so they let me order something else but for HALF OFF baby, now thats what im talkin about, it came with complimentary rolling papers too.
  5. I've send him a PM about the shipping and stuff, thank you for your trust guys! Like said before everything which is stolen, molested or lost in shipment we will send again! People here on the site are my witness! We have taken extra security measures that all our mail can be tracked by ourselfs so we know when a shipments is stolen. Because a lot of people order quite a lot of stuff and we want to make sure the orders arrive in good condition. It is right that standard shipping can take some more time nowadayts, that is because of all the extra security measures taken after september 11th by the US goverment, post from europe is sometimes delayed by 100%. In cases of speed I would suggest UPS shipping, but in all other cases I must say, just go for standard shipping, mellow out with a good dobie and wait, all good things come for those who wait :).

    In trust

  6. I ordered the gift around cristmas and it got destroyed by customs before reaching me. Superjoint responded to the dilema promptly and resent the order. They did a great job by me and will order from them in the future. Shipping's slow, but that's half the fun. Checking the mailbox everyday seeing if it came yet.
  7. Thanks everybody
    Now's the hard part... Waiting for all the cool stuff I ordered ;D
  8. Oh yeah. Totally trustworthy.

    I can't imagine why customs would have a problem with anything you can order from this site.

    They probably took the shit home and are smoking out of them themselves. :D

    Hey! Perhaps I need a job in customs. :)

  9. Maybe i'm just high, but does that not remind you of the movie "a christmas story"?
  10. yeah it does!
    also it reminded me of the calvin & hobbes strip when he mails in cereal box tops (i think a hat with a twirly thing on the top of it) and runs to the mail box every day for weeks on end :)
  11. a crummy commercial? son of a bitch!
  12. not that its really any of my business or nothin, but what did ya oder.
  13. I've ordered several times from the shop and had no problems, that a little patience didn't cure. And drug paraphernalia is illegal where I live. A man does what he's gotta' do.

    Snail mail is fine ,put the extra $60 bucks into smokables.

    "A Christmas Story"
    I wasn't sure who was more excited about getting a package in the mail..............the son or the father.:)

    F R A G I L E......................

    Great flick .
  14. Label425: A whole bunch of stuff ;] So much I can't even remember what all I bought exactly :p

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