Us Tubes**RooR Crown A/C

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  1. Figured i would throw up a couple videos tonight for the hell of it. Sorry for the crappy quality

    us tubes 7mm beaker


    this is my buddy's roor crown label A/C with his kustom fairmaster, you can't really see the fairmaster though, I will try to get better pictures in the next week or so.

    Here is my old tube that the us tubes replaced, it was my first tube too:cry:

    it still works actually, you just have to cover the hole with your finger like a carb.

    That's all for now GC

    Have a good night;)

    - LH
  2. the milk vid of that roor was by far one of the best milkvids ive ever seen... most people either clear em really really fast, or take a breather between pull and clear... i loved watching the smoke roll up the tube.
  3. thanks man, it could have been better though, I wish my phone took better quality video.

    if i could just find my camera charger...

  4. i had to watch the video twice.. the first time i just watched katt williams in the background hahaaa. but it was a nice milk man.. jealousss

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