US troops attack Somalia

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  1. FUCK YES! I was wondering what my day was missing. Was it a nice cup of coffee? No, I had that...Was it a bowl of dank? Nope, had that too. Wait a minute...oh yeah, of course! I need my country to start more bullshit wars!
  2. GO GET 'EM BOYS! I hate Africans anyway. /sarcasm
  3. Its not a war they just went and got a dirt leg alquida dood. They should blow the hell out of those pirates th.
  4. Key al Qaeda figure killed in US raid

    MOGADISHU (Reuters) – U.S. special forces in helicopters attacked a car in southern Somalia on Monday and killed one of east Africa's most wanted al Qaeda militants, Somali and U.S. sources said.

    Kenyan-born Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, 28, was suspected of building the truck bomb that killed 15 people at a Kenyan hotel in 2002, as well as involvement in a simultaneous, but botched, missile launch at an Israeli airliner leaving Mombasa airport.

    A senior Somali government source said the fugitive was in a car with other foreign insurgents from the al Shabaab rebel group when they were hit near Roobow village in Barawe District, some 250 km (150 miles) south of the capital Mogadishu.

    Washington says al Shabaab is al Qaeda's proxy in Somalia.
  5. I"m so glad we elected that anti-war progressive Republicrat Obama to office!
  6. Maybe Somalia should learn how to deal with it's own problems. Oh no, wait, then they might actually develop as a nation without the drug that is US military dependence. Who would want that anyway, a strong, armed Somalia. They might turn all North Korean and Iran on us....
  7. I feel much safer now that some random al qaeda guy is dead. Now all I have to worry about is the gangs that rape our own cities and the cartel violence that is pouring over the border. Now I'm not saying that I think these military efforts in the middle of fuck nowhere are pointless...
  8. Hmm... people are still in jail for smoking a plant.

    Let's get those Somali basterds... heh!

    Yah trick yah!

    [Soulja Boy told 'em]
  9. Shit, I like the fact that we're killing Al-Qaeda's leaders.
  10. "US helicopters blow up terrorists in Somalia."

    there, fixed the title.

  11. Guilty until proven dead, hoorah!
  12. Fact.... :laughing:
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    Is anyone else inclined to call bullshit on this?

    Seems like the U.S. military can do whatever the fuck they want without consequence or backlash, as long as they say they were going after "a high-ranking al-Queda leader."

    Isn't anyone curious as to how we manage to kill some al-Queda general every fucking week, but can't find Bin Laden, or even take down the Taliban.

    "Well, this guy talked to Bin Laden one time at a theatre, lets invade a sovereign nation with helicopters and blow the shit out of his car."
  14. Of course it's bullshit. There's a reason the Constitution requires a congressional declaration of war for this kind of stuff.

    Dude was driving around with his kids and family for all we know.
  15. Shit, we probably launched 13 missiles into schools and markets before we actually hit him.
  16. Shit I hope we go to somalia, i got a fucking score to settle.
  17. And there's no congresional aproval for immediate action not longer then two weeks i think..
  18. everyone is happy they are killing terrorists until they are deemed labeled as a terrorist and we got the whole Mcarthy era going at it x10.
  19. Everyone here seems to forget they are terrorists and no breach of sovereignty occurred. AFAIK Somalia has no government. It is a country of Islamists and pirates and warlords. It is clear there are terrorists there.

    And congress can approve 6 months than another if they want. But again, this clearly isnt a declaration of war or anything else.

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