US to tell Assad that he must go

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    So the President can't fix things out within his own country, but he's trying to fix things in another? I mean it's nice and all, but shit, get your priorities straight!

    Sources: AP Sources: US to tell Assad that he must go

    Moar sources:
  2. honestly, nothing the government does surprises me anymore. It's just all minipulative bullshit that I just don't even worry about anymore. I'm just gonna let it all slide.
    I got better things to obsess about lol.
  3. Jeez. Whats with all these leaders going down in such a quick time?

    Quaddafi, Mumbarak, and Assad.
  4. People>Government.
    BUT ....
    The government knows this, and the people don't.
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    Its revolution my friend, and it's spreading
  6. Seriously, this country is being swallowed into the shitter and they're worrying about other countries...smh.

    I mean, focus on you first and then help others.
  7. my car mechanics name is assad...i got my muffler fixed by him today...and got some black rims ;)
  8. Why can't the States deal with their own problems instead of forcing their views and policies on other countries?

    Maybe if they changed their focus back to their own country, they could improve the quality of life for Americans and possibly pay us back all that cash they owe us!:mad:

    Gotta love politics.:rolleyes:
  9. yeah well in syria theres shootings on the civilians almost every day, we luckily arent at that level

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