US Supreme court rules against Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by IceCreamKidd, Jun 6, 2005.

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  2. MAN: My eyes hurt! Can't I use this prescribed weed?
    COURT: No! That's illegal! Use this morphine instead.
    MAN: Isn't that just another drug. I mean, can't you get high off that?
    COURT: ... No?
  3. Yah, this is really screwed they are basically saying that what states inact for their own citizens is irrelavant in today's america. This really blows and is counter to everything that a state was meant to represent. It really f**ing sucks screw the supreme court.
  4. I lose faith in our government pretty consistantly nowadays. I guess this news shouldn't suprise me, but I was one of the people who got their hopes up that America might actually change for the better.
  5. I am almost too stupefied to respond. I've been watching the coverage of this on CNN... Do they know how many lives they are about to destroy? And I'm not even considering those who use for recreational purposes. I really just can't believe it. Did you know that only one US Supreme Court Justice was born after 1940... That is fucking ridiculous. They should start calling old folks homes, supreme courts instead.

    Unclescam777, you got that right.
  6. This is a sad day.

    I shall smoke a bowl right now out of pure dissapointment in this country.
  7. My partner told me about it. He showed me the new report and I could not watch it all the way though. I have a feeling that someday I will do something about it. I really don't know how, but I am get the feeling it might happen.<o =""></o>
  8. I feel the exact same way Bobbert. I don't know when, but I do feel it will happen. Probably as soon as my husband and I leave this country. I would really like to be an activist, but I am afraid of what will happen to me while I'm in the USA... The risk isn't worth it right now. [btw, I didn't know about your partner. I'm glad to know and proud to know you. You have two strikes against you in the US it seems... Fucking stupid country. If we ever open a B&B overseas, you two can be our first guests.]
  9. Wha wha wha, sign me up do you need reservations in advance? Ill guest it at your b&b dbw. I dont have a hotel offer to return but, ill smoke you a nice bowl :D

    ~where this gonna be
  10. Regardless of how the federal law changes I am not going to change my habits. Here in oregon the officials are pretty lax as it is and I dont think they are going to all of a sudden start cracking down on people carrying eight bags. Theyve temporarily stopped issuing med cards for the time being, but theyre saying its temporary. There are 10,000 people who have med cards here I dont think theyre going to stop smoking pot because Bush tells them not to. Im hoping this will further sway peoples political pursuasions and that we can make a difference in the 2006 elections.
  11. We don't know yet. Nor do we have the money right now. We're hoping to have a few 100K of equity in our home in 3 years and that I will transfer overseas with my current employer. I like Denmark and Switzerland, but we'll just have to see what happens. It will be at least 5 years yet, but I gotta keep the dream alive. :)
  12. sounds like a plan, i will have to come and stay with you guys once you get your establishment! =P
  13. OMFG we have to do something like every stoner across america and those who want to help should go out on streets and protest in there town...toke up cause the pigs cant arrest us all you know what i mean?
  14. Whats the point? I hope Marijuana is NEVER legalized. Think about what would happen if it was? Medical Marijuana and Morphine have different effects, which is why Morphine prescribed by your Doctor is legal. BTW Legalize Marijuana=TAX TAX TAX. You'll need a lisense to even grow it in your backyard probobly. Dimebag=Legalized=$25
  15. this is bullshit man fuck the supreme court. im really pissed but i kno i shouldnt have gotten my hopes up in the first place. im gunna go smoke a bowl

  16. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I dont know where to begin! All i can say about the first part of this is 'what'? You dont know what your talking about.

    Okay, lets pretend marijuana was legalized in the US and you have to have a license to grow it in your back yard. Does this sound better than risking a felony (where i live cultivation is a felony)? I think the current laws on cultivation are outrageous!
  17. Do you even care about the ill that depend on marijuana? That is what this thread is about. Those people who need it in order to have a life. It's a travesty.

  18. not to mention, you are waaaaaaaay overpaying for a dime bag

    I think its a pretty ignorant POV. Were fighting for a legitimate freedom that was TAKEN AWAY from us.

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