US soldier on trial for murder

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    A US soldier charged with murdering civilians and other crimes in Afghanistan has appeared in court while 11 other soldiers have invoked their constitutional right not to testify in the case.

    The Associated Press has reviewed statements Morlock made under oath in which he claimed Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs - who also faces charges connected with the incident - planned "scenarios" during which they could kill civilians. For example, Morlock said, if they came across someone in a village that had previously been flagged as having Taliban influence, they could toss a grenade at the civilian and claim they had been responding to a threat.

    Gibbs also illicitly collected "drop weapons" that could be placed by the bodies to make them appear to be combatants, Morlock and others said.

    "Gibbs had pure hatred for all Afghanis and constantly referred to them as savages," Morlock said in the statement. "Sometime after Christmas 2009, Gibbs gave me a (fragmentation) grenade and told me that if the situation presented itself that we should go ahead and run with the grenade scenario that he had briefed to us."

    Four other US soldiers were charged in June with the same murders as Morlock, and seven additional servicemen have been charged since then with other crimes stemming from the investigation, including conspiracy to cover up the killings.

    The soldiers are charged with keeping body parts, including finger bones, a skull, leg bones and a human tooth. Court documents say Morlock threatened a fellow soldier by showing him "fingers removed from a corpse."

    US soldier on trial for murder - Americas - Al Jazeera English
    US soldier 'kept Afghan body parts' - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

    Murder and Collecting body parts ??????:eek: WTF ?:confused:
  2. In one of the articles I read a defendant blamed hashish for making them go crazy... :rolleyes:
  3. Wait.....isn't this a war? Isn't that what they're supposed to do?

  4. Murder innocent civilians and collect skulls, fingers etc....:confused:

  5. God damn hippy drugs make a dude do all sorts of crazy shit..:mad:
  6. I mean, we wanna win don't we? The whole "going to war to win hearts and minds" thing just seems like nonsense.

    You make a group of people believe that you'll butcher them to death and chop off their fingers, they start to do what you want them to do.

    I'm not talking about who's right or wrong ideologically in this particular war, just pointing out the fact that war is SUPPOSED to be the most horrible thing there is. If you can't chop off fingers and kill civilians in a war, then when can you???
  7. Yeah I saw this article. I'm glad soldiers are admitting to what half of the Army does in Afghan.

  8. yeah, i suspect this kind of stuff is a little more common than we would like to think...
  9. Ummm....I'm going to go with, never. :rolleyes:

  10. I think it's definitely more than half, intentionally or unintentionally.

  11. Actually if you're at war with a country and you don't win the hearts and minds they will fight the occupying troops themselves. When you have the people vs the occupying army they will never win. If the army does kills civilians and does crazy things like chop off their fingers America will never win. Simply because of the fact that terrorist organizations can use this as a major recruiting point. New organizations would pop up because of this and the people would help the terrorists over America. Thus making the war UN-winnable for America.:hello:

  12. that is why terrorist activity continues, you understand that muslims must defend themselves against invaders its part of their religion. so we are the invaders they are simply following the rules of their religion...

    and fyi, terrorists will continue to exist no matter what country we go to war with. there have always been terrorists just because we are so obsessed with them now doesnt meant they didnt exist prior.

  13. We cannot win Afghanistan. So it's a waste of money and lives to still be in there. The main recruiting points for terrorist organizations is not because were rich or free. It's because were in their land killing their people and blowing up their cities and towns. If we were to withdrawal our troops from all these countries we would cut off these organizations off from their source. If you truly want to defeat terrorism. Stop meddling in other countries.:hello:
  14. You have got to be kidding... wow. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  15. i know... i wish i could find hash that strong
  16. LOL id rep you for that but I have to spread some around first.
  17. did you even read my post, u basically say the same thing i already said.

  18. Sorry, I'm really stoned. I must have interpreted what you wrote differently.:)
  19. um no. You dont just gun down innocents. ever heard of the holocaust? Oh that was just war though. so thats okay right?

    I find it funny how hypocritical they are calling them "savages" and then they take home bones and fingers and skulls, after killing them, like a savage would do.

    Just because we're at war with a country doesnt make all the people bad. otherwise we'd just "Nuke them son's a bitches."

    People are fucking apes. Congradulations.:wave:

  20. Thought I was gonna be flamed for this but glad other people see US Army isn't full of heroes and shit.

    It's disgusting I've seen soldiers going around gunning down animals and shit. They even threw a little puppy off various things. Was so sad seeing the puppy all huddled crying and whimpering scared, then a soldier punts it.

    Not to mention the 'Collateral Murder'

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